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Wednesday, 21 October 2009


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Sorry you're blocked Mr Mike. Have you thought about letting your readers take some of the strain? You could hold a competition along the following lines, for example: Send in a 12 word (no more, no less) summary of a photography-related article you would like to write and you, Mike, choose your favourite six or eight or whatever number you like of these precis and then you set to and build one of your little voting widget thingammijigs and your dear gentle readers vote for the article that should be written. The person who submitted the winning precis then gets 24 hours to write and send it in to you. Hey presto, Blogging Without the Effort.

Well, just a thought.


Maybe it's blogger's fatigue rather than writer's block. You've been blogging prolifically, and engaging with prolific commenters as well. (I'll try to ease up.)


I got mine and it's beautiful. Awaiting the next print offer.



I received my 11x14 on Monday, and I'm so glad I went for the larger size. Beautiful print that's worthy of the photo on it.

Now I just need to find the appropriate frame :-)

Thanks for organising this, Mike!

I see Mike has borrowed your tip jar!
Did he take it and give you the contents first?


Regretting not going for this.

Do you accept suggestions for articles?

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