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Thursday, 29 October 2009


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I am glad you said that - I thought it was Ethiopia Telecom up to its blog site blocking tricks again. May I publicly apologise to ETC for sullying their name in my mind :-)

There's a bear with you? I'd be very careful, then.

Remember, when photographing bears it is not necessary to run faster than the bear, just faster than your assistant.

Just tell typepad that the czech is in the male.

Mike, the message is so mundane... you should have written something like:

"Site is in read-only mode because of some database issues. Once administrators feed the hamsters powering the servers everything should be back to normal."


"Sorry, something went wrong.

A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation."


Actually, hamsters are rarely used in data centers these days. See, if the hamsters escape from their cages, they'll start to gnaw on cables...

Though I'm a big fan of James Natchwey, I must say he is wrong regarding the 'christian guard' and yes I'm from Jakarta.

What happened was an illegal gambling house was opened very close to the church, they were using some Ambonese gangsters as the guards. Ambonese happens to be also stereotyped as devout Christians.

These guards harassed and sometimes attacked the protesting local populations of indigenous Jakartans or more known as the Betawis (bastardized word from the name Batavia, the old dutch name of Jakarta) prior to the incident.

Betawis are also happened to be muslims, these prior incidents resulting the locals ask for help from the local Betawi organizations.

There has been strong rivalries between Ambonese and Betawis gangsters organizations, they're fighting for shares of 'security and protection services'.

This resulted the attack on the gambling house, they ran over the Ambonese guards and sadly the Ambonese guards being seen as the representatives of the Christians resulting an attack on the Church nearby.

Sad really, as this incident is resulting one of the bloodiest civil war in Indonesia, when these defeated Ambonese gangsters returned to Ambon, they took revenge and started the attack on the Muslims and created one of the most devastating longest war and killing between Christian and Muslims in Indonesia.

No, there's no bingo involved, Indonesians don't play bingo, it's not a culture here as in the states to play bingo in the church and no the church doesn't hire thugs and gangsters to protect the church let alone opened up a gambling parlor.

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