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Friday, 16 October 2009


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Whisky Tango Foxtrot! Just had to have one... How many days have I felt just like the duck...

Heartily agree.
Daily viewing essential for a quick lift!

With T.O.P. it's one of my daily visit sites...!

Mike! I'm just sayin'!

My wife is not a photographer and she loves WTD.

Aaron's comic strip is now as much a part
of my life as is Mike's T.O.P.!

I have two stuffed WTF Ducks and a framed photo of same Duck.

In a world beset by many problems a refreshing view of most everything positive is both T.O.P.
and What The Duck!

Thanks, added to Christmas list :-).

On an only slightly related note: when buying through your amazon link, do purchases from "marketplace" sellers count, or only purchases from amazon proper?

Hi Cyril,
Purchases from 3rd party vendors count too. Thanks for asking--


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