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Tuesday, 27 October 2009


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Lovely Bokeh on the Nightingale pic. ;-)

Thanks for sharing the link to these magnificent old photographs.In a world obcessed with what camera to use, these
photographs remind us the true value of a
photograph lies in its content.

Funny piece about Armstrong, Aldrin and the lack of good photos of Armstrong on the lunar surface. I'm not saying he was passive aggressive, but still..

Judging from the Phineas Gage story we can safely predict that future history material will be links to pages and comments. Deserves some thought nevertheless.

I don't think anything compares to the head-spinning photograph of Mozart's wife:

Well as a modern photographer and participant of todays photography forums - I'd like to point out that the bokeh is not very good and the dynamic range is absolutely sub par. Therefore this photograph has no merit.

I disagree with your opinion. Look at when the photograph was taken, they weren't using a D3 with range correction. Does the photograph make you stop for a moment, look and go "hmm..."? I believe thats the point of this picture. Not to say its perfect, but I believe that the subject is emphasized more than the details. Therefore...this photograph does have merit.

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