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Tuesday, 29 September 2009


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I want one (drool) for Nikon.

Not that this isn't good news for us Canon shooters, but please Zeiss, we all love to see the rest of them, too! Especially the 35mm f2 ;-)

Zeiss will bring out the 25 mm and 35 mm for Canon before the end of this year. That's what one of the Zeiss reps answered in an e-mail when I asked a few weeks ago.

Kees, was there any word from Zeiss about the 100 f/2 for ZE?

I know they don't have autofocus, but you can get electronic focus confirmation with most Canon cameras, right? (Otherwise my eyesight is not good enough for a manual focus lens.)

Very tempting.

I wonder why both a 18mm and a 21mm?

I've been using the 35mm/f:2 in ZS (M42) mount for several months now on my Canon New F-1 and EOS 40D, and I've been very pleased with it.

For the 40D, I ordered a chipped M42 adapter from Hong Kong that can pass focal length info (though not aperture) to the camera, which allows for focus confirmation. I generally find manual focus on the 40D trickier than on a camera designed for manual focus, but the EF-S focusing screen is an improvement in that regard over the standard screen.

Here are some 35/2 shots with the EOS 40D on my flickr site--


I shoot the C/Y Zeiss 21/2.8 Distagon and just want to know does this lens compare to that classic?

I hope for a side by side comparison somewhere soon.

Hi Eric, the 100 mm will also be available before the end of this year. If necessary, I have the e-mail from Zeiss to prove it. (I could forward it to Mike.)

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