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Thursday, 03 September 2009


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You wouldn't happen to have a Rodenstock 100mm Sironar S you need to separate from would you?

Some of us are longtime Olympus OM users with extensive collections of cameras and lenses and STILL drool like gearhead zombies every time we pick of that stinkin' "The OM System Lens Handbook".

It's a disease which I've never been cured of.

"Must buy F2 lenses... Must buy F2 lenses..."

OT, Mike can I ask why you always qualify direct links to a pdf with a warning?
Is there something dangerous about pdfs that I'm not aware of?

"Must buy F2 lenses... Must buy F2 lenses..."

You got that right. 24/2, superb, 100/2, outstanding, 50/2 macro, outrageous....

I even liked the older 85/2 and 28/2. Not the in super-duper category like the aforementioned three but still characterful and very nice in their own way.


Sorry, Mark, no Sironar-S's lying around. Now those are some good lenses....


"Mike can I ask why you always qualify direct links to a pdf with a warning?"

It just annoys me when I come across one "blind," so to speak, so I always alert people that that's what they are. Maybe "warning" is too strong a word, though...I think I'll use the word "Alert" in the future.


Hi Mike,
Thanks to your frequent reminders (and my willingness to spend too much money) I just bought a 5D MKII through the B&H Photo link on your site. Hope it helps you hit your September numbers, I used the Amazon link just before August closed out, so I'm trying to do my part... after that last one, it'll be a while before I can buy anything else. Like food. I hear fasting heightens the senses, so maybe it'll make me a better shooter for a while. :) I'm a hopeless photo gearhead.
Take care,
Jim A.

_The Olympus OM Way_ was another good read for gear affectionatos. I still have it on the shelf-- a bit outdated, but it always rekindles my "first love" for my OM-1. (I still use that, too.)


slowhome.com is a blog dealing with architecture and renovations. perhaps you can convince them to discuss your kitchen, and then the readers will provide a handful of suggestions on how to put things right.

Thanks Mike, I thought maybe there was a security issue with pdf's that I wasn't aware of. I do recognise that it can be irksome to click on a link and find that it's a large pdf !

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