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Monday, 28 September 2009


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Beautiful picture. looks like a watercolor

The Umbrella Lady outline, reminds
me of Grandma, in the cartoons done
by the late and much missed Giles,
in the UK.

Flat-out fantastic picture!

Sounds like a good idea and I'm likely to buy one. I seem to want to ask however if you (Mike) has actually seen a print? Good timing on the sharpening book by the way, I ordered it from your link with another on panoramic photography.

Don't think I will be buying, but I just want to say, yes, the picture is terrific. One of those "captured, not composed" you mentioned. :-)

Beautiful photo!

Say, isn't that woman Justice Sotomayor!?

i'm in for a copy.

What's great about this is it also looks like she's viewing a modern art piece on the wall behind her. With the yellow descriptive card attached to the wall.

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