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Tuesday, 18 August 2009


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Geeky but not off topic. You can get Firefox to use the ICC profile for your display as well via the




preference in about:config.

See http://www.cosmictap.com/color-managed-firefox-3-is-here/ for the details. Note that in Firefox 3.5, color_management.enabled goes away as it's enabled by default.

Ctein is much hotter than Annie.

Where'd they get that portrait of Annie anyhow? Portrait-wise, It's positively awful.

One thing is evident from the latests´posts here on T.O.P. Both Ctein and Annie Leibowitz use the same hair stylist.

Is this the Leibovitz family portrait site? Really. Maybe it's just that long, gray unruly hair thing. Or I need some more coffee.

When I first glanced at Ctein's photo, I thought it was a Photoshop composite job on Annie L's portrait below.

Do you know, that's how I always imagined Ctein.

Ctein, this portrait is much better than the other one I had seen of you...although I don't remember where. Wherever it is, swap it!

If I get to meet you in February, I now have a mark to beat when I take your portrait. Because you want to be photographed by as many famous photographers as possible, right? Maybe one day you'll be photographed by Annie herself, and then the circle will close and peace will reign on Earth ;-)

Seperated at birth, and now, together through the power of the interwebs.

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