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Friday, 28 August 2009


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I am continually surprised at finding out someone (sarcasm omitted) "golfs".

According to their webpage, Jerry Darling invented the first "Rite in the rain" paper:

"Don't swing so damn hard and follow through!"

My father and coaches when I was 14

Works for tennis too!

I'm sure some of us recognize the concept as that of the engineer's or surveyor's field notebook. And, yes, there's nothing quite like trying to take measurements and write them in a notebook while it's raining.

Nifty! Might be handy for the darkroom, too; and the kitchen (OK, so I'm messy); not to mention all those great ideas that arrive in the shower or tub.

Hmm... posts on waterproof notebooks, waterproof cameras, dunkable 5D's... trend? preoccupation? seasonal theme?

For those of us who prefer the spiral-on-the-top design or different sizes, there are several variations available on Amazon.com:

Luckily they have a 4x6 top-spiral design... the exact size that always has a pocket in my cargo pants dedicated to it.

Used to sell these a back before I retired. Reccomendation - look for a brand called Ducks Back (orange colored cover) at a good local survey supplier - works exactly the same way and is way cheaper.

I'd never heard of them before. Now I find myself thinking how I ever lived without one.

If you need to take notes wherever you go, wet or dry, and have them survive moisture and mud, this comes in handy.

How about an electronic gadget then?

Ultra-thin recorder, for instance. $59.99, and it can be either in your pocket or in your bag until you need it. For Windows only, though.

Or if weather-resistance is a must, here's a waterproof watch/voice recorder. For about $100-140.

Or another waterproof watch-recorder-player for $97.99.

Or a waterproof GPS device that can serve as a voice recorder, Magellan Triton 500, down towards middle, for $199.99. A GPS is a nice gadget for landscapists, no? :-)

Yes, all of them are quite more expensive than a notebook. But they have more than one function, plus the last three are actually useful if you go gallivanting somewhere off road. Also, once you press the button, your hands are free, or more so than with a notepad. I'd bet you could devise a holder so you don't need to hold the recorder up to your mouth.

Handy products for anyone going outdoors in the... er, slight more moist Scottish Highlands.

For those dwelling in the UK, go to Amazon.co.uk (via Mike's link of course!), and do a search for "Rite in the Rain".

I have used one for years as a log book for wilderness kayak camping trips. It hadn't occurred to me to use one as a photo notebook, but these days, anyway, almost all my technical data is recorded by the camera.

These are excellent - and they come in a lot of different forms and grids and sizes. I'm particularly fond of the ones with holes in the side, which you can put into a binder of your choice.

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