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Sunday, 09 August 2009


The lenses in the photo are 20mm and 45mm prime which look promising.

As for the Sony DSLR, are you referring to the A900 with the Exxmor sensor which is on the Sony Style Canada website?

Could you be refering to the sub $2k Sony A850, which has the same sensor as the A900?

Will the big news be about Sony actually having usable ISO 400 and up rather than the watercolour paintings they have now?

That Panny looks like a *big* black brick. It's not nearly as pretty as the Olympus, but sadly (for Olympus) I fear it will be a much better shooter (if the G1 and the GH1 are anything to go by).

Still with the already announced 20, and the 45 in the photo, all they need is a 14 and it would be like a modern reinvention of the CLE. Which is something I would then be *strongly* compelled to buy...

This new Panasonic looks like a promising camera. I can't wait to see one when they come out.

When I worked at Nikon, the D70 was leaked from two sources: (1) Images from an advertising agency in South Africa (2) Specs from the "user manual" print shop in Belgium. The info was world-wide in minutes thanks to the Internet. To me, that says all about how difficult it is to keep a secret these days...


P.S.: The bigger of the two lenses reads "Leica Macro-Elmarit" 45/2.8, if I'm not mistaken. Interesting !!

That's looking like it also has no optical viewfinder. Which makes me sad. If there are going to be two very similar cameras, why not make one with a viewfinder? Geesh. I'm going to cry a little.

Man... I have missed your column!

This makes me wonder. What is the camera equivalent of the dreaded Bangle Butt?

The Leica forum is buzzin' with posts about a possible M9 announcement on 9/9/09. Could be an interesting Fall season.

Judging by the little slot below the hotshoe, the Pany probably has an optional shoe-mounted EVF.

"I'll venture the guess that the biggest news this coming Fall will be from Sony, and will concern DSLRs"

Really? Cheap full frame?

Thom had a great idea: how about a mirrorless full frame camera? We could have full frame quality in a camera the size of a Leica M8, maybe?

... I'm disappointed that the new Pana doesn't seem to have a hinged screen. That's my favorite feature of the G1.

I like the black brick look. Here's to hoping it actually has a viewfinder of some sort.

"What is the camera equivalent of the dreaded Bangle Butt?"

The Canikon Prism Housing Hunch. As seen on the 50d and d300-700-3-3x.

Oh, snap!
I thought that the best and biggest announcement of the month will be that Samsung or LG were announcing a decent handset with a decent camera on it.

Now come to think of it, there you have the DMD: the digital revolution didn't make it on regular camera field, but on phone field.

Sad but true. The single and official digital imaging device is a cameraphone, not any of the "whateverformats" you can find.

Oly goes to the past for inspiration. The lens tests recently added to the DPreview test of the EP-1 are, unfortunately, uninspiring.

Panny targets the looks of cameras they want to pull buyers from, late Canon G series models. May not be a bad idea. There are a LOT of Gs out there and many are in the hands of people who really want something small, but more serious in IQ, but settled for the closest thing.


Great! When Panny brings out this model then the G-1 will be two models back and prices could drop....or not.

I been using a PEN E-P1 for 4 weeks and love it, yes the screen is equivalent of a screen from a couple of years ago as is the auto focus but I see it as a digital Cosina Voigtlander T or early Leica and you can fit the neat CV minifinder set the ratio to 3/2 and it is a small street camera.
I think this area or type of camera will grow to fill the need for a Digital Rf type camera which is not in the realms of Madof's associates.
Sony are trying really hard and getting lots of knocks along the way but just look at the growing system and what is to come. Relate their progress from the Minolta base which was tied to all the years of R &D that has gone into Canon and Nikon.

ps good to have you back

Mike, I'm afraid I have to disagree on whether or not some leaks are intentional.

Leaks like the Sony A850 manual are almost assuredly intentional. Ditto the A500 and A550 model numbers showing up on some Sony sites. This is a fairly clear case of viral marketing. You don't release things like a PDF manual to a regional distributor over a month early for any other reason.

Leaks like the GF1 spy shot probably aren't intentional. These are classic leaks from internal documents.

"Thom had a great idea: how about a mirrorless full frame camera? We could have full frame quality in a camera the size of a Leica M8, maybe?"

Zeiss Ikon Digital, I guess?

"I'll venture the guess that the biggest news this coming Fall will be from Sony, and will concern DSLRs."

So, I guess you've heard about at the new "Party-Shot" for DSLRs. It's going to be big!

Obviously beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.I find the EP1 a 1950s Flash Gordon
sort of look.The Panasonic looks like a professional instrument and I have no doubt
they will take the olympus features and improve them significantly.The focusing on
the G1 and GH1 is exceptionly fast,the LCD is superb,both far superior to the Olympus EP1.Many will wish they waited.Olympus decesion to live in the past will hurt them
in the present.

I'm interested if the Sony 950 and 850 mean that there are plenty of the sensors that they share with the Nikon d3x in the pipeline and there is pressure to release a d700x soon.

As for the micro 4/3 they remind me of the first generation point and shoot AF 35mm cameras. Why doesn't someone revive active autofocus ? It seems like it would work better than passive phase detection or contrast detection systems.

As to leaks, manuals have to be translated. Manuals are usually written in Japanese, then translated to English, and from English to most other languages. At least that's the workflow for European languages.
This will involve at least three or four companies, with the document passing through about four people at each step (project manager, translator, editor, checker), and in case of large projects, several translators are involved to meet the deadline.
And, of course, it then goes into print, which again involves quite a few people.

Actually, it seems to me that there are remarkably few leaks, considering.

@Hugh Crawford: Ricoh was in fact using Active AF in some cameras until a couple years ago (the GX100 was the last). They discontinued it because they were unable to source components anymore.

I'd love to see Active AF come back myself, but the additional component cost over contrast-detect AF (which requires no dedicated components or space on the front of the camera) make it a non-starter in the marketplace right now.

I recently made the transition from film to digital with the purchase of a Canon SD880 while I waited for the Panasonic LX3 to again become available. I have learned to use the 880's LCD, sort of, but I feel that the lack of a proper viewfinder has deprived me of a certain intimacy with my subject and this disconnected way of seeing is evident in my photographs. Of course, I can shoot a gazillion pictures and perhaps even sort a keeper or two out of the multitude. The next compact digital will have a viewfinder be it electronic or optical.

@juze: Note the manuals in question were leaked on the official Sony HK Manual Download site, not in communications between various groups which would be the more likely source of a real leak rather than a planned leak.

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