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Wednesday, 26 August 2009


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Well, I would but it won't let me "buy" it because I'm not in America. :(

I can't really comment on your link as I have a psychological block with jazz (I used to have the same for classical music and it went away without warning two years ago, so there's still hope...) but if you want some music with complex rhythm, I wanted to mention the amazing British band 65daysofstatic. It's a somewhat undefinable mix of electronic, rock and instrumental music, and their drummer has got about 12 arms. I especially recommend their record "One time for all time".

I'm afraid we swiss people can't download anything "due to export restrictions". Anyway I got around the problem by installing a free vpn tunneling software which causes me to look like my browser is coming from the USA. To do so I installed a free software called Hotspot shield. This also tries to install A.S.K search toolbars and reset you home page etc. but all such options can be turned off. Also once surfing a add bar appears at the top of the browser but again this can be closed for the active session. (Thy finance themselves that way so it's only fair I guess.) I will be uninstalling as soon as my download finishes but at least it's an acceptable workaround for me. Just thought I'd tell everyone who might have the same problem.

Awesome find. I help my fellow forum members at HomeTheaterForum.com track new and (usally free!) music in this thread:

Added a link to your post here, thanks Mike!

Too bad, my location (India) is excluded from these goodies. The site refuses international downloads.


Sorry, Arvind. I didn't know that when I wrote the post.


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