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Friday, 24 July 2009


"Twilight of Film" - what a sad headline....

I recently purchased the ZM bundle that contains the 50mm Planar. It really is a great deal, truly you get the lens for half price, and what a great lens it is.

Kudos to Zeiss for putting this together, it comes in an attractive leather box that you can put on your whatnot shelf. Maybe they should ditch the box, but who knows, someone will like it. Besides, nice box makers have to make a living too.

Too bad they don't do a better job of marketing it and getting them into the hands of some hard core RF users who might actually sing it's praises once they got to know it.

These bundles have been available for some time now. I bought mine from Pop Flash back in April.

I love this camera btw.

And you can load that tasty Zeiss with Kodachrome, which they still have in stock for $11.20 a roll.

Hmm... I still have my Leica M lenses, I wonder what the body is by itself...

Truly a very fine camera if using it is the aim - I have one and the 35/2 is my 'standard lens'. The sensor is fine once you get used to it.


The sensor???

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