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Tuesday, 09 June 2009


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Makes my cropping finger twitch.

Seriously? Any cropping would completely ruin this picture. It's perfect the way it is.


P.S. And most probably it's already been cropped, by the photographer. Who did good, I might add!

Thanks for that Mike

I need more money. Can't quite afford the prints I want on that site.

It's the monkeys and typewriters thing. Most of us have equipment capable of world class photos, but if we managed to make one we would crop it to death, destroy it in photoshop, or just delete it.


Mike's right, if you look at the picture of the negative, it's obvious that Mr. Fein did crop just a little. My opinion, which is just my opinion, is that cropping sometimes has the effect of negating the story-telling value of a photograph.



After seeing Nate Fein's and especially Rudy Mancuso's photographs, I wonder, what will remain of todays digital pictures in 50 years?

The estate sure wants a lot of money for those inkjet prints. I'd have thought that by this time they'd be in the public domain....

Clayton is kidding of course, but I have to say that your photoshopping the whites in Mr. Fein's picture to the background yellow of your blog is not very ethical!
Best, Nick

Some fantastic stuff there.
Sadly beyond my pocket at the moment, though.

Nice to see that he cranked out plenty of dog and cat photos, just like the rest of us.


Somewhere (it may have been in a recent Lenswork) I read an account of how Fein got to take "The Babe Bows Out" which is also in David Nieves book, "The Fein Story Behind the Pictures," that is available at Amazon.

"Somewhere (it may have been in a recent Lenswork) I read an account of how Fein got to take 'The Babe Bows Out'"

It's linked in the second featured comment to the Mancuso post.


It might look that way, but I wouldn't do anything like that.


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