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Monday, 29 June 2009


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ROTFLMAO big time.

Actually, there had to be a Digitally Enhanced Pixelated basin DX version first, soon to be relased in FX in the next six month release cycle, soon to be followed by the microAPS DX in the next 12 months. And oh yes, almost forgot to mention the FX release which can muster WhiteBalance washouts in a superior blah blah blah ...

ooooh that was close call, the wife almost put me up for sale on E-Bay again .....


:( That's too close to the heart...

Why didn't they rename it to the `Velvia Basin' years ago? (TIC)

... as opposed to "Chemically Enhanced Oversaturated Basin" ???


The answers are ...

a) Velvia has experience of stop its production as well (at least the true Velvia 50) and the committee reviewed that rejected this -- as they said, once bite by a snake you are afraid of a rope

b) It is in U.S.A. and ...

Hence, you all Americans have to find something

- photography related
- made by American
- long lasting

I google a bit and it cannot be EasyShare 613 but how about

TrueSense Valley; make sense?!

both supersaturated and hyperreal

What would "What the Duck" think?

A vertiable Smith & Wesson.
The word is showing up in several places, but not in my dictionary. I do OK in Latin, so between that and context, no problem. Just curious, a new word?

"Just curious, a new word?"

A typo. The word is "veritable." Sorry.



Is that a condition?
God, I´m starting to hate "zee internets" and vague acronyms.

Still, the strip is quite hilarious. Now I do understand why my parent´s younger years looked so much cooler than my personal experience.

"God, I´m starting to hate 'zee internets' and vague acronyms."

ROTFLMAO is a pretty common one. It means "rolling on the floor laughing my ass off." An intensified version of "LOL," laughing out loud.

(The latter always sounds strange to me. How else can you laugh but out loud? If it's silent, then you're not laughing. It's like "I thought to myself." Well, who the heck else can you think to? I feel the same way about the convention of writing "a friend of mine" instead of "a friend." It seems to me "a friend" is plenty. We'd assume the speaker was talking about a friend of his or her own, rather than the friend of a world leader or a dead relative or a South Sea islander. And yet I'm sure I too have written "a friend of mine" now and then.)


Well, I like the cartoon.

I feel an affinity with the fellow who's turned his head to watch the sign being perfunctorily marched off the scene. That man, a man of experience, a man of nature... we see his adorned, unfiltered eyes and through them, perceive his humanity. In this moment, those eyes reveal his reaction to the passing on of the iconic Kodachrome.

Rod S.

1- Alt+164=ñ
2-I know about acronyms and so on. Years ago, when I was preparing my CPRE I was told time and time again that those kind of acronyms should not be used unless they are approved by some sort of obscure organization which helds its meetings somewhere between Wales and Highlands. But I must admit that it is a very briton way to go around things.

3-I see your point at LOL, but I don´t about a friend. "A friend told me..." A friend of who? Yours? Sally´s? It depends actually on the very subjects and reported subjects.

Yours faithfully

Now that I remember the CPRE: in the "Listening comprehension" and "Reported Speech" parts of the exam, the situation had quite something to do with Kodachrome stuff: I could understand the usually extremely boring radio broadcast about the green arborean frog and spicies extintion, but the questions asked to summarize and show the level of understandig had really nothing to do to what the broadcast was about.

Nice Cartoon. B&H just delivered two rolls of K64 to our house. One is for me and the other is for my son.
He has never shot Kodachrome so it will be a treat for him to give it a go.
Both of his grandfathers shot it and I loved it before going digital. I thought three generations on the same film stock was worth doing.
I think I'll leave the end of the film box on the back of my F2 forever as this may be the last roll of film I pull through it. Most of my photography any more is either medium format film or digital.

Mike Plews: You stole my idea! I've already told my 24 year old daughter that we'll be getting together on a few outings to shoot Kodachrome together in our Pentax MXs. I want her to have the experience of involvement with an important icon of photography heritage.

I, too, don't shoot much 35mm any more as I'm into medium format and am venturing into 4x5, but I still like the idea that I can whack on my little Pentax-M 20mm for close-to-the-action photojournalism-style shooting.

Rod, be my guest. One of the great pleasures of my life is talking photography with my 23 year old son.
I'm sure you feel the same way about your daughter.
The unexpected bonus of digital is that good medium and large format gear is now selling by the pound.
I am too old and my back can't deal with toting large format equipment out into the field anymore so I gave my 4x5 to my son.
He has made some pretty palladium contact prints from stuff he shot with it. I'll be looking forward to his chromes.
I am sure you and your daughter will generate some terrific frames and even better memories this summer.

That's sad news, I always wanted to try Kodachrome ... :(

Mike Plews, thanks for those thoughts; it is nice to read of your similar experiences. I caught the large format bug via an old Cambo Wide with a 65mm Schneider lens; very lightweight, compact and portable (even hand-holdable), using a Horseman 6x12 back. I was so impressed I've gone to the Wide DS model and have now obtained a bunch of 4x5 film holders for the new experiment. Best wishes for the Kodachrome ventures with your son.

The Cambo with a 6x12 back sounds wonderful. I have been carrying a Hassy with a 50 out into the woods lately. I bet a Cambo Wide is not any heavier and gives up twice the celluloid real estate with a rollfilm back.
If you want to have some fun do what my boy did last summer. Load some of those 4x5 holders with Velvia 50.
It is going to be a while before they cobble up a digital camera that can outresolve that.
Enjoy your weekend.

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