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Saturday, 20 June 2009


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F#@K The Ayatollah and Amadinnerjacket.

PhotoShopping must be on the approved activities list; Iran did it before with faux missiles to exaggerate their prowess. You see this faking a lot with totalitarians. It must be a variant of p***s insecurity.

Re Christian 'leaders' versus the 'Supreme Leader' of Iran... the difference between the two is that the Koran supports egregious behavior whereas the New Testament doesn't. Khomeini, Khameni, et al fit the Mohammed archetype; Jimmy Swaggart, the Bakers, etc., no more represent Christianity than Mary Mapes, Eason Jordan, and Jayson Blair represent ethical journalism, i.e., "Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue."

I tend to agree with Pascal; even if the God of Christianity doesn't exist, wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone lived as if He did?

I think this is one of those times where it's best to back away from the worms.
I'm surprised at you Mike.

The fake missile photoshopping was done by North Korea.


Speaking both as a Roman Catholic and a sometime-lecturer on the history of faiths, may I say that our guys would have sewn it up centuries ago if we'd had Photoshop. And the stake/manacles/rack/red-hot pincers, too, of course.

Come on Mike, please don't throw the Christians in with the Muslims.

It shouldn't be a can of anything if people didn't jump to clichés - even though those are related to photography, if only etymologically :) - about religions.

And I'm thankful Mike did put this up or I'd have missed it.

Plus, funniest title I've seen in a long time!


Hi Mike:

Thanks for the report. My comment is considerably less significant than the content you’ve presented, but knowing your precision with language, I will point out that although the phrase “various and sundry” is widely used, it is, in fact redundant.

The Language Police (self-appointed).

"Plus, funniest title I've seen in a long time!"

Just for the record, I take no credit for the title. Similar posts about this issue with that same title are common all over the web. I just, um, "borrowed" it.

But I agree with you, I thought it was funny too....


You want to hurl brickbats, try the Burmese generals. Unbelievable.


More Iranian Photoshoppery: In the lead up to the farce, er "election", Ahmadinejad "borrowed" the image of a now scrapped 43 year old Irish locomotive for his posters (see http://www.independent.ie/national-news/iran-on-track-with-help-of-irish-rail-1767781.html ).

The caption apparently reads "The country is advancing as rapidly as a train.", but believe me, having been on trains pulled by those, they never advanced anywhere repidly, so quite appropriate really.

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