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Friday, 08 May 2009


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Thanks, Scott Kirkpatrick. Well-done review of two books that link in interesting ways.

Hi Scott,
I think he isn't even mentioned in the book's summary at Amazon, but as far as my sources are concerned, the front cover of 'Into the Sunset' is 'After a flash flood, Rancho Mirage, California 1979', by Joel Sternfeld. How about adding a caption to the image?
Regards, Jan

I think you just did.


Put the book Wild Beauty: Photographs of the Columbia River Gorge, 1857-1967
in my next purchase book program. This is wonderful book to descript a history of river. Now who can providing the current situation for this Coulmbia river Gorge?

Tamshui is a small town in Taipei County, Taiwan. The town was impacted by George_Leslie_Mackay

The Danshui River or Tamsui River (traditional Chinese: 淡水河; pinyin: Dànshǔi Hé; Wade-Giles: Tàn-shǔi Hé; literally ""Freshwater River""; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tām-súi Hô; DT: Dāⁿzui hŏr) is a river in northern Taiwan. Its source is at Pintien Mountain in Hsinchu County. The river flows through Taipei County, Taoyuan County, Taipei City, and Hsinchu County and has a length of 159km. It empties into the Taiwan Strait

Tamshui River Photobook in Taiwan
(include 190 pictures ex Japanese colonial period to 1994)

George Leslie Mackay - Irish descendent/ Canadian Clergyman in Taiwan

If the guy in the woolly trousers isn't the inspiration behind Brokeback Mountain I'll eat my chaps.

I've found it strange that none of the reviews of "Into the Sunset" -- the show or the book -- mention that two other major museum shows on basically the sames subject were done in the past dozen or so years. The Whitney's "Perpetual Mirage" and SFMOMAs "Crossing the Frontier." Anyone see MOMA's and care to compare?

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