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Wednesday, 13 May 2009


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Mike, I think that picture is actually from "Why Paint Cats." This is the even-more-brilliant sequel to "Why Cats Paint." It is not only a marvelous lampoon of art-critic-speak, it's some damned fine Photoshop work.

Best cat picture I ever saw.

"Why Cats Paint" is my favorite art book of all time.

My condolences to the cat!

Snopes also has a message board that discusses pictures before the stories become part of the main site.


There is a brief approval process before you can post so the quality is higher than most other message boards.

Fauxtography's been around for a while. I think we all remember the occasion when vicious pinko-liberal Photoshoppers erased the cover page of a certain copy of 'Advanced Quantum Mechanics' and substituted a rather poorly executed 'My Little Goat'.

That's Ctein's cat.


I don't think you are quite right about slacktivism. It is more about doing some extremely minimal thing - like responding to an internet poll or petition - and thinking that you are making a difference with minimal cost to yourself.

My favorite snopism is "glurge" - those sickeningly sweet cloying emails about how puppies are like Jesus.

After picking up "Why Paint Cats" at the gift shop at the Renwick Gallery where it was prominently displayed and completely entranced me I didn't realize it was a "send up" until I got home...

- Tim

I wasn't familiar with the term "slacktivism" and must say it is a revelation! I intend to use it profusely. Thank you!

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