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Friday, 01 May 2009


Oh, be afraid, be very afraid.

pax / terrified Ctein

Speaking about events, it reminds me of this European tour you had mentioned last year, when you were planing to do a talk in London. Any news on that matter?

This sounds exciting!

We need to change the name here to TIP-
The Inscrutable Photographer.

If anyone could run a photo contest, er event*, the right way, it's you Mike.

*Reminds me of Obama's "contingency operations" in lieu of "global war on terror."

Good luck!

War is war no matter what you call it!

Bring on the "event"

Good one Mike

Is this going to be like Survivor where all the enterers can vote each other off?

Is this a Want or a Need, Mike?
Either way, it should be some fun!

Guess I'll have to figure out how to
produce an image suitable for electronic transfer; that of itself should be
most interesting!

I'm going through all my cat pictures now so I can be ready! :)

Cats! Beaten to it. Fortunately, I just spent the whole morning taking macros of flowers. Even caught a bee on one of them.

Who's going to judge the judges? I can volunteer :)

Must be made with b&w film.

Neato! Can you hold off on this til after May 20th (when the semester ends)? :-)

Nekkid wimmin! Nekkid wimmin!

I see your cat pictures and raise you two puppies and an evil brown bunny.

I'm game! I'm looking forward to it.

Btw Mike, I assume the word "event" relates to its use at SoFoBoMo, which they too call an event. It's funny. You had a post on it in February, and - small world that it is - you highlighted the book of a friend of mine from my past, Amy Sakurai. It was neat getting back in touch with her. Anyway, while I've made and printed a half dozen or so books through iPhoto/Apple, there are enough challenges that I'm going to participate in the SoFoBoMo event.

"I assume the word 'event' relates to its use at SoFoBoMo"

Not consciously, but possibly unconsciously--


(Is unconscious plagiarism the sincerest form of flattery?)


I like "The Inscrutable Photographer..."

ANd Please, Please let at least the final judging be of actual physical PRINTS. I don't like JPEGs and don't think they represent my work. I'm a printmaker using a camera and printer.

(posted from Bilbao)

I hope the judging be done blind so everyone is on equal footing.

Not THAT kind of blind :P

Folks (and Mike) et al,

Times are bad, but I also want to enter and support the event. Mike's a good man and worthy of our support. I hope the entrance fee will be a modest and affordable one.

Meanwhile, I will bring out my dusty Kodak Retina 2c, load in some decent film and start shooting some worthwhile pictures.

Dan K.

event |iˈvent| (noun): a social gathering, real or virtual, where imagetakers show off their best visual translations of real or created situations, which are then sorted out by a group of more or less well-known guests of the organizer. The order of sorting may determine the bestowing of tokens of appreciation, often in the form of very affordable pieces of photographic equipment, collected by the event's host from commercial entities wishing to peddle their wares.

Mike, Will this be film and digital or digital only-- will it be judged on a 50% for print quality and 50% for image content.
When at RIT if you submitted a photo of a cat you were expelled-- 5 years late "Hang in there baby" cat on a rope poster made the guy tons of money. Will there be a 1 to 10 judging formula--Minor would give prints a 0 if he didn't like it or a 10 if he did--needless to say he wasn't asked to judge many contests.
The field should be very narrow-- There is no way you can pick the best out of an Adams landscape, a Farber nude or a Weston nude in a landscape
One subject like "swiss cheese" That way judges that don't like cats won't screw things up. We don't want any turn coat judges either.
Good luck.

I bet it is called the "TOP Photo Contest Event" or TOPhCoEv.

Camera phones only.


(And I must say, if there's going to be a nekkid wimmins category, I call for equal time and demand that there be a nekkid menz category as well.)

Lots of wishes here, but no one has yet proposed for a Danish paragraph in the set of rules, that's comforting. :) Will be interesting seeing how this event turns out.

Sounds like a rousing game of Calvinball.

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