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Monday, 04 May 2009


Could be they are clearing old stock, before the launch of the A330


Absolutely Awesome! Superb System!

Always Sorry.

The camera body is already listed as discontinued at B&H.

$800 is a nice buy but you can get the Rebel XSi w. 2 lenses at Costco for 850, so it is nothing to jump up and down about.

Well, that grip alone goes for $150, so it's like getting it and a lens for free. btw, the 850 price on the XSi kit is also available at B&H and other stores, thanks to a $200 instant rebate.

Speaking of which, there seem to be substantial instant rebates on select SLR's from just about all the major brands (including Hasselblad!). Any idea what's going on, Mike?

It's not just older models, either. The one I find more intriguing than any of the above is the $100 rebate on the E-620 2-lens kit, a camera just barely released. Cuts the two lens kit to $800, same price as the one lens kit. Touch choice.

I should probably disconnect my DSL cable now.

This is a nice deal, but also a little worrying. I assume these rebates reflect the industry's response to the present economic downturn, and they may indicate deeper issues. Of course, I would not complain if Nikon had something like this for the D700. (I know, only in my dreams.)


Am hoping that Mystic Mike gets a look at that 55-200 zoom. I keep hearing that it is better than it has any right to be.

An altogether amazing achievement. Alternatively, an absolutely assinine assignment. Although as an admitted alliteration appreciator, Adam approves.

Alliteration's all right, about as awesome as assonance.

Thanks, EH.

Alex, the rebate on D700 is $300. BH final price is 2370.

I have to note that one can buy a D700, and more, w/ the instant rebate on the Hassy H3DII31/80mm kit.

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