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Sunday, 31 May 2009


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Accidentally or not, The Luminous-Landscape and The Online Photographer are on the top of my Favorites on my browser. ^_^

Many thanks to Michael and Mike! Both of you bring me a lot of knowledge and enjoyment.

Respectfully I would like to disagree.
TOP is the best!
LL is good but not as good as this website.

Just my opion.

Your site is top of my "favourites" list, and LL is just under it, and both are "must-reads" each morning. I found you through LL a couple of years ago, so I have to thank LL for guiding me to you. You both offer totally different commentaries on photography, unlike anywhere else that I've discovered on the net, and I can't afford the time to read anyone else, so congratulations to all concerned. I don't see you as competition to each other, and while it would be nice to be able to pop out and buy a new Nikon D3 and lenses to compare with the Canon system, Sony system, and the Hasselblad dream outfit, I know I'll never be able to, and will continue to salivate. A bit like the latest Ferrari vs Lambo, really, when I really don't need anything more than a Prius. I loved the comments generated by your latest Leica challenge, Mike, -now THAT'S what photography sites are all about. Congratulations to you both.

I like the variety of topics covered on Luminous Landscape, and the number of knowledgeable, outside contributors.

A testament to the site's influence has to be the furor that bubbles up on other forums whenever Michael speaks well of some brand of gear. He's always "obviously biased for/against Brand X".

The funniest example I've seen of this was after Michael relatively recently praised the latest crop of Nikons, a Canon forum poster went to great lengths to present his case with citations that Michael had a long history of Nikon use and that despite his decade(?) long use of Canon digital gear, here he was back stumping for Nikon. The conspiracy was revealed!

Stuff like that makes me eternally thankful for places like LL and TOP. (And that I've since gained the sense to just avoid the gear forums pretty much altogether.) Congratulations to Michael!

After the Leica episode, one wonders whether he is that independent. Also, he is more onto digital (from the claim of 3MP that can replace 35mm) and the bias towards expensive gear. I would think people like you, Thom Hogan, Bjørn Rørslett and even Ken Rockwell (!) can give me more sense and more trust. I did subscribe to his DVD and my kids always say when they were very young the boring old man talking about expensive gears. I am not argue he has contributed to the overall photography scenery on the web (better than say many gear shops). But somehow I do not trust his view. Too bias and do not even self aware of enough of his bias. If you stays with his view, you will never try any film camera and non ink jet printing things. You can see that all the others I quote above including you at least mention film camera, sometimes not much but give you a sense of balance. Just today his web site is talking about the gears he used and you can get from B&H. A sale man of digital back, A0 ink jet printer, Canon gears ... . Sorry I think I would let it pass.

Hi Michael,

Well I have to disagree as well. Your site is much more intellectually stimulating than LL. And while LL was incredibly useful and topical for a number of years, and even touted its "no ad" status, it has become a parody of itself, seeming to advertise yet another self-produced item (video tutorial, gallery show by MR, workshop by MR, or by friends of MR) on every scroll view. And their content has gone way down as the pushing of yet another video package for sale has become their primary focus. Too bad. But all things seem to follow the bell curve, and your site is still climbing. So keep up the good work. (And I think your ads are great, and where they should be--to the side, not interlaced with the "useful" articles!)

LL content: A+

LL organization: D-

It's just worn me out.

I think LL suffered a grievous blow from Michael's infamous M8 review and his subsequent spurious defence of it.Somehow his credibility to my mind never recovered,also his take it or leave it attitude i.e. it's my ball so play by my rules can be hard to stomach.
I much prefer your lighter touch Mike on TOP and also I believe the readers comments are more interesting.

In the last 10 years, Michael Reichmann has gone through hundreds of thousands of dollars in gear pursuing the next best thing. Although entertaining, his recommendations are hardly a shining example of how to best spend your money.

Maybe he is so popular because we all are living our photographic lives vicariously through him.

Yo, guys, it's not a contest. I appreciate the loyal props, really I do, but we can all visit both sites! L-L is definitely one of *my* go-to sites.


2)Luminous Landscape
3)Imaging Resource

Those three sites cover everything needed in the Photo Universe. I have tons of other photo bookmarks I mean to get to someday.....but.....everyday it's the same....1...2...3...and I've got everything needed. Happy birthday to LL, and may it ever be thus...

LL is a great site, but some time ago the "What's New" page became unreadable for me... It now goes like this:

new review of some bit of kit..
some other review posted...

I know the guy needs to market his stuff, but it makes the page tiresome to read. There's a lot of excellent stuff there though, if you can find it.

Both sites are great, as Mike says, it's not a contest. Disagreement is the fuel, and how those are handled, is important, and in complete contradiction of what I just said, TOP WINS!!!

Consistency is witchcraft, or something.

I think you are thinking of hobgoblins....


LL was a major force in me making the switch from film to digital. The articles and tutorials were invaluable while I was learning the new craft. A big thanks to people like Michael, Jeff Schewe and Mike here at TOP who are prepared to freely share their knowledge and skills with us lesser mortals.

I am very pleased that I had the chance to thank Michael in person when he visited Australia last year.

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