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Sunday, 12 April 2009


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Your catalytic role in the world of photo book sales is an interesting aspect of TOP.

I've said previously, in response to other posts, that I always find your taste in books and images so closely parallels my own that I'm now at the point where I'm prepared to buy a book simply on your recommendation.

I've lost count of the additions to my library that are due to the 'TOP Effect'.
Luckily, I've had a copy of 'Looking at Photographs' since it was first published, but I've just received Tim Davis' 'My Life in Politics' based on your 'Random Excellence' mention.
It's a rare treat, and destined to become a classic in my view.

After reading your post yesterday, the book was Temporarily out of stock at Amazon.co.uk, but this morning it is available again and I managed to place my order. It will be a proper addition to "The Photographer's Eye" which I enjoyed tremendously.

I think I can see a business model for a pay site...


Heh, you know you're big when you've got an equivalent of the slashdot effect - congrats Mike :) I hope people are using your amazon affiliate link.

As far as I can tell David Hobby has one, his traffic is not usually enough to kill webservers outright but any videos he links to really grind along for the first day or two.

Just miffed I didn't manage to get my pre-order in!

I jumped to Amazon from your post and ordered it early Saturday morning. Amazon US only showed 9 in stock. so they must have had a small inventory to start with.

The same for TruthBeauty, apparently. I ordered it on April 9th, but have just received notice that the seller is sold out. Sigh.

You need a word for this, like "slashdotted". Toppled?

Topped out?

Being a Szarkowski fan, I ordered immediately after your post and received a shipping confirmation early Monday morning. Thanks for the recommendation and more power to you.

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