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Sunday, 12 April 2009


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I look forward to it Mike! Your best-of lists are always thoughtful and entertaining, plus it's fun seeing all the feathers getting ruffled.

What's that I hear?

Could it be the sound of a large economy-size can of worms being opened?

Oh boy ... this is going to be fun!

Sounds good - and should stir up some interesting discussion. Don't forget to tell us who the recommendation is aimed at, and why.

I don't disagree with your choices yet -- that has to wait until you reveal the first one -- but I do disagree with your structure. When you reveal your #10 choice, we'll all think, 'Oh, that's just a foolish mistake, anybody could make that,' but we won't be able to see how bad the mistake is for ten days, by which time the people with shorter attention spans, like me, will have forgotten how bad #10 was. I think you should list all ten to begin with, and then countdown the detailed explanations. That way, we'll be able to discuss this arrant idiocy as it's in progress, rather than having to wait ten days and do it all at once. I was shocked, by the way, by your choice of the A900 as #1. That was one I never would have guessed.


Please wait a week so we can organize a pool!!

Unless the Nikon F5 and the Agfa Clack (Insert alternative favorite/current/dream combination here) are the top cameras I will stop visiting your site. So there. Take that.

"I was shocked, by the way, by your choice of the A900 as #1. That was one I never would have guessed."

Wrong, Bestseller-breath. It's #5.



And the Voigtlander Bessa III? Really? Really?

Well, two of my most used and beloved cameras to date were bougth according to your recomendation at PT: Wista DXII and Contax Aria.
After all these years, I still use them with pleasure.


Film camera? My guess Zeiss Ikon. (Your review is right at the top of a google search)

Mike. Not that damned PENTAX LX again!

The only film camera left on your list HAS to be a Leica M6 (or MP, or some other M variant). Please let it be so! :)

...and let the games begin.


Time to settle in while Mike prepares himself for 10 days of verbal abuse at the hands of his readers.

I think the separation factor shouldn't be film & digital, but real men's and girlie cameras. Clearly, no self-respecting possessor of a Y chromosome is going to aspire to any non-tumescent rig. So nothing with pancake lenses that isn't ring-fenced for the Ladies, please. I may put out several vertebrae carrying that D3 and 14-24mm Viagrascope, but no-one's going to accuse me of being good on a dance floor.

Even that f*****g Flowers wouldn't have picked the A900 as #1! Let 'er rip Mike...as Kent said, this is going to be fun.


I'm especially interested in the "low end" recommendations, I already have too many big cameras.
In particular the pocket sized, durable as a hockey puck, raw capable, lowish noise in the dark, wide angle equipped model. Swing out LCD, and reasonable video just in case.

Extra points for availability in funny colors like lime green or orange that make the photographer look like a harmless idiot.

Seems like there is an ocean of "not quite what I was looking for" stuff out there.

I'd settle for just a swing out LCD and reasonably small, but there doesn't seem to be anything on the market at all

It is a brave task you attempt, Mike. I know you'll be bold in your choices.

"The opposite of bravery is not cowardice but conformity." - Robert Anthony

"Time to settle in while Mike prepares himself for 10 days of verbal abuse at the hands of his readers."

I'll make the popcorn ;-)

One large soda and a tub of popcorn, please.

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