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Wednesday, 01 April 2009


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Ah, a real antique, not a new antique like that Bessa III !

So ... there's no megapixels then?

Seriously though, that looks like a nicely engineered piece of work.

Ah, memories...
My first new camera was a Contax IIA and I fell asleep that night clicking and winding the shutter.

What a multifaceted source of joy photography has been for me these 50+ years! Sometimes it is good to reflect back, although I think digital now (especially the virtual darkroom) is slicker than deer guts on a doorknob.


Neat stuff,
I had the great pleasure of meeting a retired NBC newscaster named John Rich recently. He held a presentation of Korean war photographs. A few select images from the couple thousand slides he saved in the attic and only recently dug them out. The interesting part of the story was that (aside from the understanding that these may be the ONLY comprehensive color slides of the Korean War) is that he was reporting the news and his friend David Douglas Duncan said " hey I've got a meeting with the president of this camera company..... So the president of Nikon gave him one of the "new cameras" to use as he traveled around reporting the News.


The WestLicht Photographica Auction is held twice a year in Vienna, Austria (my hometown, btw). It's considered to be the largest photographica auction in Europe. They have a permanent gallery (one of the very few in Vienna) too, which features besides austrian photographers the annual world press award exhibiton. There's also a permanent exhibition of various Leica, Hasselblad, Linhof and other old photographic gear. Absolutely worth a visit, when you're in Vienna.


Damn, that's a purty camera!

It kinda sucks to have a Nikon jones and a Kiev bank account.

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