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Wednesday, 08 April 2009


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"...blinded by hopefulness."

Think that happened to me once in '71- not to be fooled with!

I never sell anything till I talk to the buyer on the phone to discuss the sale. No one's ever asked me for anything like the scam you describe, but I've heard about it before. Just say No!

"make a Western Union payment" is the mark of a pro. This avoids using the USPS. Using the USPS would make this scam a federal crime.

I knew something was up when they told me the shipping company name: Ctein. It just didn't sound right.

Had an uncle (father's brother) who went to prison for a year for mail fraud. Don't think he did "hard time", but still ... busted is busted. He used to muse how wonderful life was — all he had to do was go to his mailbox in the morning and pick up the money his "clients" sent. I thought that was pretty cool until he was sent away.

Had another uncle (father's other brother) who was railroaded out of the reinsurance business for being "shady". Case wasn't made public as it would have embarrassed the business and cast doubts as to its "seriousness".

I'm all for whacking frauds like this — they steal your life when they take that for which you have traded your time.

Happened to a photographer I know a few weeks ago. The well spoken scammer bought a large editioned $3000 print. The check that arrived was for $6000. They told her to go ahead and deposit the check, and then send the difference back with the print. Needless to say the check eventually bounced, but it took awhile.

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