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Wednesday, 08 April 2009


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I do have to say though, that if the photographer had decided to submit these images as black and white we probably would have accepted them a little easier. I recall spending hours on an image dodging and burning and adding contrast to get a much richer black and white image than the original negative or RAW file. Let us recall many of Eugene Smith's images and the man hours he spent manipulating a photo in his darkroom to reproduce great tonal values.

if no objects are added, than it shouldn't be called extreme photoshopping. How many bland photos must be submitted under the "no photoshop allowed" contest till the jury realize that they are blocking the progress of creativity?

"you can't actually look at a RAW file. it has to be interpolated to some curve, and a boring curve on an optimal exposure (that minimizes effects of sensor noise etc) looks exactly like the bottom picture."

This is exactly right.

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