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Thursday, 02 April 2009


I heard this last evening on ATC and was both excited and sad. Excited for the possibilities and sad that I could not attend.

I dare say at some point in my life I would have scoffed at such an idea, but I was completely taken by this and wish Dave and Chris all the best.

Really cool

I wonder if they can get Emerson, Lake and Palmer to do a version of this?

The Sacramento Philharmonic (one of the commissioning orchestras) will perform the piece on Saturday, April 11 at the Community Center Theatre in Sacramento. Their phone # is (916) 808-5181.

While listening to the ATC story last night, I was a bit surprised whe they quoted Dave Brubeck as saying, "We got a book of 400 photographs of Ansel Adams. We'd look at the photos and try to think about the music that would go with the photograph — Half Dome in Yosemite, Merced River, Great Falls coming down, Quiet Meadows." The referenced book can only be

    Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs
, previously mentioned more than once here on TOP.


The instrument lineup sounds amazing.

It looks like, I'll get to hear it as the Abilene Philharmonic is only 95 miles away.

Now if the Amon Carter in Fort Worth would just bring the Robert Frank show there.

No one has mentioned the reflection of the keyboard in Dave Brubeck's glasses yet, so I will: it appears as if he has the world's longest, thickest eyelashes. I have to wonder if it was intentional on the part of the photographer.
I would love to hear this. The first photography book I bought was one of Adams' and the second record (yes record, not CD) I purchased as a youth was Brubeck's "Take Five" (Harry Bellefonte at Carnegie Hall was the first).

Geez I never realized what a poorly printed portrait of Ansel that was, his eyes are dodged flat. Didn't anyone photograph the old man properly?

Should have been bleached instead. Obviously Jim Alinder never took a Bruce Barnbaum workshop!


"Didn't anyone photograph the old man properly?"

There's always this one:



Is this concert available for viewing online anywhere.

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