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Sunday, 01 March 2009


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"Loose vs lose", my all time top of the list, "fingernails on the blackboard" internet grammar issue.

I "ain't" grammatically perfect myself either.

Thanks for fixing those Mike!

Well reasoned guidelines.


with that attitude there is no need to reply and just wave bye bye.

I like, those seem very reasonable. Especially the part about imported arguments, and even for things that are on topic. We've all heard the same old ones about canon v nikon, megapixels v film grain.

I hope you didn't do this on my account but point taken. My comments were too direct.

No, Ken, not on anybody's account. As I say, I've been meaning to write this up for a long time.

Really and truly, I have great readers. I just don't have that many problems. Mostly people are very reasonable--in addition to being thoughtful, experienced, smart, well-educated and informed. And, truth be told, I fly off the handle sometimes myself, and say something I probably shouldn't, don't I? It's just that there's no one around to rein me back in, and save me from myself. [g]


And be careful about being too direct or truthful, better to err on the side of political correctness. Just kidding, sort of, I mean it just seems that way sometimes, sort of, I mean not really. ;)


I think you've always done a good job of preventing the comments from devolving into dribble and for anyone who values their reading time that is very welcome. I've even been surprised that my comments get through as sometimes I feel snide or gruff, and lately I've been better at holding back.

This just popped into my head, to paraphrase Woody Allen (+Marx), "I wouldn't read a blog that would have me as a commenter".

And, truth be told, I fly off the handle sometimes myself, and say something I probably shouldn't, don't I? It's just that there's no one around to rein me back in, and save me from myself. [g]

Hmm let's see, in order, the dog and maybe your son?
And then there's the fella in the mirror each morning; what does he have to say..

Is there a way to divert forum-like comments to a TOP forum where unmoderated sound and fury may reign?
Just asking.

Don't forget...the comments that are more like personal emails directed to you. Most often, they don't make it through :)

I never read the comments when I first started reading here. I figured they were more forumesque in nature. Then I started, and I mostly enjoy them and appreciate the fact that they are moderated so that I'm not wasting even more time reading senseless dribble.

<--had a few drinks, and I'm not even spluring mas peach.

Overall very sensible guidelines. The comment preview is also great. It prevents double-posting, which I (and some others) have done in the past. Just one gripe... you mean you won't allow "Bush is [deleted]" comments? Haha, kidding.

It's not how I handle my own comments, but for what you're trying to do here, and given the volume of readers and commenters, I think it makes a lot of sense.

Your blog - and the comments - are always enjoyable and interesting to read, and I thank you for making that extra bit of effort to ensure that both are the case.

(Not that you need my approval, of course!)

That's all highly sensible.
(Since 1976? Hokey sheet.)

On my own blog I'm blessed by just the right number of commentators, most of them intelligent and thoughtful, and many highly so. Only rarely has there been a flamer, and it tends to be the same guy returning, hiding behind the Anon moniker, and we tend to have a little fun with him.

A couple years ago it irritated me for a bit, and I announced I'd be moderating comments. Holy cow, you'd have thunk I'd accused them all of being kiddie molesters. The protests! I don't get it, moderation seems reasonable to me, the only irritation is the delay if the moderator is away.

Don't take this the wrong way, Mike, but I occasionally find the comments more entertaining reading than the article that inspired them, so I'm glad you give as much free rein as you do. Being originally from Louisiana, I would compare TOP's comments to a gumbo with many varied ingredients making a unique dish. In your comments section will be found knowledge, experience, humor, insight, history, sometimes a dash of arrogance, and an occasional splash of blind brand fanaticism. When mixed together, it all makes for tasty reading. I guess you're like the chef who keeps all the ingredients in their proper portions. Bon appetit!

Many thanks for these guidelines, whether you publish them or not. It's easy to get carried away sometimes (not excluding myself here) and it's good to have an avuncular figure like Mike guiding the conversation along towards a productive end. One of the many reasons why this site so much fun.

Comment moderation is a primary the reason that I DO read and enjoy this site. Unmoderated comments or arbitrarily/ capriciously moderated comments are the primary reasons that I DO NOT read forums or some other sites. Thanks Mike

Not wishing to be the sycophant here but I think this blog (if that is what it is and I don't really care what it is) is just about perfect. If it wasn't I wouldn't still be reading and occasionally contributing. I left DP Review forums for reasons too tedious to mention. What I love most about this site is that it ain't (isn't!) just about cameras but goes deep field on many subjects around - some subjects have moved me to tears (both sorts, mirth and bittersweet sorrow). So thanks Mike, and long may this site continue.

Best wishes,

Irregardless of what you think, I hope that everyone doesn't loose their perspective here!! =)

Dear Bobdale,

This has been tried, and it doesn't work unless there are a whole bunch of social constraints on the 'brawl room.' The problem is that, movie cliches aside, most people CAN'T take their problems back behind the bar, have a knock-down, drag-out fight, and then come back in and be bosom-drinking buddies.

Those people are the exception rather than the rule. The result is that brawl rooms end up poisoning the well more often than they clear it. The bad feelings seep through under the door. The odds are high that this would work out badly for Mike and there'd be little gained by trying it.

pax / Ctein

(P.S. Personally, I'm so much not the brawl-buddy type that I won't even participate in unmoderated venues.)

John Roberts hit it squarely on the foot, er, head.

This is a wonderful blog where the big and small of photography can learn from one another.

Thanks Mike

Guidelines are useful; though in fact there's nothing in yours that I'll have to particularly bear in mind when writing my comments, as it turns out.

And explaining that those are in fact just guidelines, not rules, is important. You can't "guideline lawyer" :-). When I was running the Fidonet SF echo (it was called "moderating", but in fact I didn't see the messages before they were distributed and couldn't delete messages even after the fact), I was very careful to make that distinction. I wish I could find a copy of those rules out there somewhere, I was pretty happy with them and would like to have them handy for reference.

Mike, this is a good opportunity to say "thanks" for TOP. I don't know why it took me so long to find TOP, but now that I have, it's a "must read" for me ... and I also have a TOP link on my humble website.

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