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Saturday, 14 March 2009


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Shame, shame on you :)

this is not a CAMERA but a model. If it really worked and was for sale I would buy one in an instant.

Fly on the wall?


OK, the link says it works, but no mini film size to fit. Seems like a convenient excuse for what would probably be a hoga lens at best.

Can't believe someone would build this and then not make the film, can you find any images from it?



This is way cool. I wonder if one of those tiny sensors can fit in there.

Oh, and is there an adapter for Nikon F mount?

I'm sure with such a small negative, the image quality isn't very good.



It's unclear: if film was made for it, it could actually take pictures??

It certainly qualifies as "pocketable"!

you can get a few other brands scaled down here:


Looks like a great mount for the puny sensors in all our mobile phones. Wouldn't it be fun to screw one of these on before taking a pic with a 5Megapix sensor the size of a needle head.

is that cute!

if somebody can stuff a handphone image sensor in that body that can be cool.. with a USB connector in the bottom...

Before i try to adapt one of the lenses to my EOS, i wanna know:

how many elements and aperture blades? Is the bokeh any good?

I am not a Nikon person but I want one. Sometimes bigger is not always more fun.

Ha ha... Pentax should strike back by giving away their Auto 110 cameras in Cracker Jack boxes. Now that I could get excited about.

And this is also a great gift! I'll see if I can get one, and keep you updated.
Maybe there is a way to put a sensor inside, or one of these spy cameras. Crap, but very funny!

I thought taking a picture is possible using it, however it's a collectible item.

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