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Friday, 27 March 2009


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You are the new Lee Friedlander!

Where's Lulu? Is that a cactus shadowing the shepherd?



Random my ass. Unless you chose it randomly...

Dogs! Cool!

Dogs! Cool!

Posted by: Dogman

That might be the best comment I've read on this site or any other.

I am a bit disappointed that the G1 does not seem to resolve leaves much better than Nikon. Hope Olympus does better with their wee one.

Hey now - I think that pup with the pink collar is my coworkers dog Jynx. Brookfield?

Hey, there is my Jynx!

And I think I know who one of those Shadows are.


"Jynx. Brookfield?"

Yes, I think that is Jynx. The pic was taken at Minooka Park which I think is technically in New Berlin, but pretty close to Brookfield.

I'm not that great at remembering names of people, still less dog names, but "Jynx" does ring a bell....


Does this mean your G1 review is coming soon? :)

And yes, I like "mistakes" like that too.

Hi Jenn,
I just emailed you another snap of Jynx...


Can we expect a set of limited edition prints?

Or you can call it a self portrait - even HCB did it - see this example from Provence (1999):


An old one of mine that I quite like (and would like to attempt again sometime):


I too am a great fan of pictures with my shadow in them and you can see some in http://www.stefanlubo.com/kgardens/ taken during a recent visit to Kensington Gardens in London. I think it is something to do with connectedness that draws one to the theme.

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