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Monday, 02 March 2009


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He's a recent convert to digital. Worked with Olympus, but he must have switched.

From Canon Europe's site:


“I experimented with a few different cameras and then I discovered the Canon cameras, and especially the EOS 5D. The 5D is the camera that finally made me realise I could work in the same way as I had done with film – with full frame, pure, prime lenses and the image quality.”

He adds: “I haven’t used anything else other than the 5D and I practically don’t shoot any film anymore. I use what I call the ‘pure’ lenses – just the Canon prime EF28mm f/1.8 USM, the EF35mm f/1.4L USM, and the EF50mm f/1.2L USM. That’s pretty much all I use.”

"...the one lens that I would like for me is a bright, luminous 28mm – a USM, L-quality sort of a 28mm.”

He really seems to get at the person behind the personality. Plus, refreshingly, an interface that doesn't interfere with my enjoying the photography.

..."Equipment: Canon"....

I love it! Reminds me of the '50s when a guy would ask a hot-rodder who had a partiularly outrageous sounding motor under his hood,..."whatcha runnin?...". Hot-rodder would stare imperiously at the mortal for a beat, and then utter out the side of his lips, "...V8...", take a drag on his Lucky Strike, go back to being slick, hip and cool....

Paolo's work is great...I've been following his work a little ever since I first saw his images with the Olympus p&s cameras...this series of portraits and candid images is just great...and me too...I've just started shooting with a full frame body but in my case Nikon...also primes, and strangely I have a strong desire to get me a better 28mm prime...great fov for indoor and outdoor shooting...I'm using a very old 1988 or so vintage Nikon 28mm f2.8...not supposed to be the greatest quality but I'm liking it alright if opened up a bit...anyway...thanks MJ for the link to Paolo's work...

Excellent heads-up on a great photographer and portrait maker.
As much as I love the work of many of his subjects, its his use of light, his fundamentally balanced use of light that draws me in. He could find craggy details in the face of Lois Griffin.

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