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Monday, 02 March 2009


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Turtles and elephants, like the Terry Pratchett's Discworld...

The Samsung NX series looks interesting. Larger sensor than the G1. Pentax lens mount?

I'm hoping there's a fixed lens camera in the NX series or that it'll have a wide-ish pancake available.
Owning a Samsung camera (albeit a cheap one), I quite like the slightly different approaches they are bringing to the idea of camera design & interface. Their designers seem to actually think about how one might want to use the thing, rather than adding the latest me-too features to a decades-old design base.

Yeah, turtles all the way down to India. :-)

Isn't it so every PMA or Photokina? And then at the fair they jump out with DSLRs or something similar...

And Samsung still persist in their "secrecy". They didn't have any concrete specs when they tried to counter the Panasonic/Olympus MFT announcement last summer, nor they have any concrete specs now. Although they did advance the original schedule for several months. So Pentax K-mount is still the most likely suspect, but beyond that, it's anybody's guess.

BTW, Mike, Wikipedia has something to say about the turtles.

Considering today is Dr. Seuss's birthday, the boy's turtle cosmology is quite apropos: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_ag8cy9r2XdE/STmifqweN3I/AAAAAAAACHM/syWOmdxn3hE/s320/51VfPzPD7eL.jpg

(No need to publish this; I just thought of Yertle when I heard the Vestal anecdote.)

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