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Tuesday, 31 March 2009


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Good going, Mike. Creating good metadata is always a bit of a slog, in my experience. But it pays off down the road.

I would imagine that there could be a way to give some of the regular subscribers perhaps some form of limited access where they could assist with categorizing posts. Most blogging software these days allows different roles such as subscriber, moderator, author, contributor, etc. You could customize a role so that's all they could do. I've seen enough of the regulars to know some I would trust (but that's just the trusting soul in me I guess...)

fwiw, I'd love to offer my help as well in that regard but am afraid that a few upcoming photo projects kind of put me in a long term holding pattern on adding additional skillets to the fire, but as indicated, there are likely others that would be willing to offer their help...

Thanks Mike.

Dang, that must've been some fun doin', though I'm sure everyone will benefit rediscovering their faves, make mine- Patrick O'Hare.

I happen to be a bit of an organizational nut so I'm biased, but believe me when you have everything organized and clean it'll feel so good and refreshing. Plus then us loyal Toppers(?) get to enjoy more of those old posts. I can't wait to see them

did you try on google: "random excellence" site:theonlinephotographer.typepad.com

that should work to pop up you posts...

well, I hope you are using something like google's site search...although that yielded over 800 search entries for random excellence

Why not go all Web 2.0 on this and let the readers/commenters assign tags to posts?

If high quality tagging is an issue, I guess those could also be moderated pretty much in the same way as the comments...
(Assuming the typepad system allows it of course)

Excellent! Your hard work is most appreciated.

Ben Marks

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