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Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Why don't you post featured comments as separate entries? Even updating of the original articles often does not work for those of us who leech from RSS...

The problem with that is that it makes articles drop off the main page too quickly--that's the reason there aren't more posts in general; I try to restrict content to two or at most three new posts a day, and for significant articles I try to leave them at the top of the stack for a day if possible. Once a post drops off the main page, only a very small percentage of readers ever see it again.


I'd have to disagree with making featured comments separate entities. While some do warrant their own entry, as I've seen done here in the past, if it were done for each featured comment, posts would get shuffled off the front page way too fast.

This same issue has irked (is that english?) me about your site too. I have given it some thought but not had the all inspired Idea yet. However what do you all think of the following;
a.) Links to featured Comments or updated articles could be entered at the top of the stack <- would leave the article as a whole and not use too much space
b.) a small list of current articles on the left which get an update flag when something new has been entered during the last day.
c.) Collapsible Articles which go Bold if new during the same day.

One possibility that wouldn't add too much more complexity to the site would be something I've seen on other blogs (ahem, online magazines!) - a column noting recent comments and the posts on which they appear.

Perhaps there could be a way to add a star beside the featured ones? (I don't know - but even a list of the comments could be helpful.)

First thing that comes to my mind is cutting entries to just the first paragraph and adding a "more" link to the full post. This way more post could by displayed on the first page.

But personally I think that TOP could use a new design with focus on accessibility. Something that would use all of browser window space to display content. Maybe a two or tree panel display to make it more like a newspaper.

Consider changing your blog theme or even switching to a new engine like Wordpress or other content management software.

Smashing Magazine is a great place to look for inspiration.

Not sure if this is the appropriate place, but ...

I'd like to see a "Contact" button somewhere on the home page to communicate with you ex-comments - things like this, for example.

Why no option for one-time donations in the "Subscribe" section? I have a paranoia about signing on for continuing fixed expenses, however moderate (tiny) thye may be!

Just a couple of thoughts.

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