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Monday, 16 March 2009


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Rites and Passages is still available directly from the Aperture Foundation.

Also, Bunnell's The Eye That Shapes, which I believe is out of print, is really fantastic in terms both of reproductions and the Bunnell's scholarship. However, I had to fork over $75 or so to get my copy. Totally worth it, though.

Geoff, Minor was a great guy and photographer--had I him as a teacher at RIT 1959 to 61. He enjoyed a lot of my work at the time.
He was also instrumental in getting me my first job with Bill Vandivert in NYC.
He is the one person in my life that left a lasting impression and never to be forgotten.
I have some original copies of Aperture if anyone is interested in buying them. I also have a copy of Mirrors Messages Manifestations--I hate to get rid of my books but there is a time when you have to let thing go.


Bruce Davidson's "Circus" seems to available at www.steidlville.com. I just ordered it and received a confirmation a few minutes later.



Regardless of its merit,since Davidson's book is "out-of-print", and as such, now a much-desired collectible ($$$). "Circus" might be a bit out-of-reach for many in today's economic,..."circus".

Less well known is Bruce Davidson's "England / Scotland 1960" but it is also wonderful.


The motorcyclist on the left of the #7 spread is memorable.

I bought a copy of Rites & Passages a few months ago from Aperture (shipped to the UK for quite a reasonable price). The text/picture ratio is a little high - more plates would have been helpful and the text is not all that insightful, but it's still a fascinating work on an underrated artist.

Another great (if unexpected) photographer who studied under Minor White is Eugene Richards.

As a looooong time Dylan fan, this coincidence is very weird. I just got an email with a link to the album and was struck by the image, but didn't recognize it. This is just another reason TOP rules. You've penetrated Dylan's mind.

Saw a copy of Circus with a "buy it now" price of $40.00 on ebay two nights ago. I placed it on my "watch" list. So when I logged on and saw the same book on The Online Photographer......"Oh no," I said to myself. Went straight to ebay and it was gone. The seller actually raised it to $50.00. Oh well.

Christopher's comment is interesting, because as I was typing my earlier comment, a friend sent me an instant message asking for recommendations for Minor White books.

I suspect White would have enjoyed the synchronicity...

As a long-time reader of this phantastic weblog and a amateur photographer from Berlin, Germany I would like to say thank you. Thank you for the inspiration not only concerning this and all the other great book reviews but as well the great random excellence series and for having an eye on the things that really matters to me. It is a true pleasure to stop by here daily. Great work!

I just made the orders to these two books. Great pictures for sure

If anyone is still looking for 'Circus', Indigo-Chapters has it listed in stock:


Might be a hassle to order if your not here in Canada, but certainly worth a try.

Minor White Eye Mind Spirit.
Today's 3/25/09 and I just received my copy from Amazon. It is numbered 1124 of 1500 whereas Geoff's was 1329 a couple of weeks ago. Maybe they're going down the stack and 1000 or so are available.
In any case don't delay if you want this lovely little book. Thanks to Geoff for the advice.

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