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Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Happy birthday, you wise, full of common sense & humour-photography writer!

Happy birthday Mike!! You sure do deserve to have a good time, as every good man does.
I had my bad times and I made up one quote, "The good and the bad thing about time is it always passes". The good and the bad times, they all do. It's just natural. But they make us what we are, and we make reality what it is through them, so just enjoy the present, and time will take care of itself.

Happy Birthday, Mike :).

Congratulations and best wishes of good luck and endless creativity for your birthday! Thanks for keeping this incredible blog — been reading it for more than a year, it's a great source of info and inspiration for me.

I can see the melancholy in your post. I won't say not to worry, but all of us kinda feel that way. Still, happy birthday!

Congratulations, Mike! You have now accumulated one more year of wisdom, patience and what the French call "knowing what to do". Please give yourself some hearty thumps on the back from me :-)

Happy Birthday and watch out for the goat!!

Happy Birthday Mike!
Thank you for all your efforts, which have been a big influence on my photographic endeavors.

"None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm."
Henry David Thoreau

You obviously still have enthusiasm for what you do, so kick back and ENJOY your birthday!

It's my birthday too! I'll pluck some low-hanging fruit off my wishlist using the above Amazon link, for the both of us.



Happy birthday!

I've certainly been noticing the accelerating flow of time myself. I had a conference last night with a friend I'm shooting a wedding for this summer. I've known her all her life, and I realized that the time when she was born is still fairly close to "now" in my head. And I feel like I haven't made that good use of my time.

happy birthday!

Very happy birthday dear Mike,
I will wish you a selfish wish - I want you to keep doing what you are doing and just continue your wonderful work on this site.

All the best to you and your family

Truly your

Yes, happy birthday Mike!

Happy Birthday Mike! Thanks for another year of the best photo-related website on the world wide web.
I promise I will buy a book through the Amazon Canada link soon.

Happy birthday from Spain, Mike!

Happy Birthday! Wishing you good health, deepening and positive relationships, and...oh, yeah...continued stellar success with the blog! Maybe this year you will snag a corner office at T.O.P. World Headquarters...?

Happy Birthday Mike and thanks for a superb photographic blog!

Happy birthday, Mike, and may this year be a great one for you, full of friends, family and fine pictures.

You're only as old as you act.

Cheers Mike

Well, my first post to say Happy Birthday, keep fighting the good fight and the blog going.

I'm taking your advice and going for deep dive to amazon, cheers!

Happy belated. Or early Happy for next year. Your choice.

Happy birthday to you - 4 minutes to midnight local time, so it's still not too late. I wish you a healthy new year of your life, for all what it's worth.

Many happy returns! I am too tired to commit an act of consumption just now, but tomorrow, restored, I will follow that link and buy myself something sinful. Something SO sinful that you will think it's your birthday.

Oh, Just say you're 49,the new 39, and be done with it.
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!
Now go up to Kopp's!

Happy birthday and many happy returns to you Mike. May health and wealth keep you company for a long, long time...

Happy birthday Mike!

Happy Birthday, Mike,
Mine's in two days. I'm getting my card our Amazoning right now. All the best

Maligayang Kaarawan Mike!

Happy Birthday Mike!
My own birthday was on the 24th. I turned 39 and celebrated at Disneyland, snapping away with my Canonet 28. Good times.

Happy Birthday - and thanks for the wonderful blog!

*goes off to hit the tip jar*

Happy (belated, had to catch up on a few days) birthday Mike!

I have a question about your affiliate program. Say I click through to Amazon but only end up putting a book into my shopping cart without checking out. When I check out at some other date say two weeks from when I first added the book, do I have to click through using your affiliate link again?

Thank you, and yes you do. Everything you buy when you go to Amazon from my link will be credited to us, but you have to go there from TOP on the occasion that you actually make the purchase for it to count.

Thanks for asking....


A belated Happy Birthday, Mike! Must be special to have one's birthday toasted by thousands of fans around the world. I look forward to buying myself a Mike's Birthday present soon.

A very belated "Joyeux anniversaire" to you! A friend mentioned your site and said I should stroll over and boy I'm glad I did.

Now nothing would please me more than buying from any of the retailers above if only they delivered to Switzerland. Which they don't. Bah humbug, &c.

No matter: joyeux anniversaire and all the best!

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