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Friday, 27 February 2009


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She was featured in the Guardian (UK) in their G2 supplement yesterday, and she mentioned that the above image was one of her favourites.

Yesterday The Guardian featured this same picture as "Vanessa Winship's best shot":


There she talks a little bit on the background of the picture and the project it comes from.


I was a repeat customer to her site thats how impressed I was by her work... beautiful, wistful ... liked her earlier work more than her portraits but they are really good too..

She definitely deserves the traffic - wonderful images!

Am I the only one who sees some Diane Arbus in Winship? Or is it simply impossible to look at a dark, B&W photograph of two young girls standing side-by-side without thinking of Arbus...?

Arbus and August Sander combined.

Frankly said the UI of her website is terrible. The good news is that I had her book on the Black Sea in the mail today :-)


I'm overly sensitive to these things, I think, and I didn't think the interface to her web site was that bad. It certainly helped that the images were wonderful.

Now, there was a Czech photographer (whose work I also liked) mentioned on this site last year (?) who had a truly awful web site...

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