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Thursday, 26 February 2009


... in other words, you are an almost-millionaire Mike!

Over the years I had 2 or 3 photos selected as POTD at Steve's. I felt like a celebrity when emails arrived from all over asking me about the photos. Steve thanks for my 15 minutes of photo fame.

Can't wait for bidding to start for the online photographer site. Mike, your lottery ticket has arrived.


Good for Steve! His site was the one I visited mostly when I was looking for my first digital camera in 2002.
Good reviews and samples, and the always entertaining 360 view.

The layout of the site does still look very nineties, that's a shame.

Maybe they can afford someone to redesign that site.

Please don't sell TOP, Mike.

Unless they offer you 7 figures--in that case you should definitely sell.

Mike Chaney writes a monthly column for Steves, hope he finds another venue

Dear Mike,

Selling this site would completely compromise its integrity and ultimately destroy the valuable service you've created for the photographic community.

I could be persuaded to rethink that position for a suitable cut. Details, as always, are negotiable.

pax / ever-principled Ctein

I did get an offer once. The offer was two weeks in a timeshare in Mendocino, $800 in rolled quarters, and a used Weber grill. I thought about it, but declined.

I have my standards <*sniff*>.


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