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Saturday, 28 February 2009


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Thanks for reminding!
Last year I missed to participate but I've just signed now
This will be a great challenge, I think it is a great opportunity to learn to focus and concentrate on a special subject.

I participated in this challenge last year, and enjoyed it very much.

For me, design restriction is an important part of the way that I work - since digital provides so many choices, it helps to whittle things down. A leap of intuition came to me a long time ago, from an unlikely source - I was sitting in a substance abuse recovery group, and a lesbian woman next to me said: "Being gay is all about freedom. I take the insults people hurl at me, dust them off, and wear them as jewelry."

So - in that vein - for my 'pro' debut I composed a book of tourist snaps (all taken through the window of a moving vehicle) entitled 'Road Trip.' I used lens flare and motion blur in the images to convey that feeling of the West by interstate familiar to anyone who went to Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon as a kid.

I challenge any of you to a) participate in SoFoBoMo and b) employ some sort of arbitrary design restriction in the process. Turn a bad work habit into something remarkable by jettisoning prejudice - you're bound to learn something new.

Thanks for the info. I just signed up.

Thanks for posting this! I just signed up. now I just have to figure out what I want to shoot..........

I love this!

I'm just in the target group and have been thinking of a book for a few months. This will make it happen, and having to take new photos for it. Even better. After all the part of design I like most is constraint.


P.S. We helped organize a 48 film fest project earlier this year (write, shoot, edit a 3 minutes film in 48 hours) all for the joy of it.

I signed up this year. LAst year I started a project without signing up and work consipred against me. This year I've yet to decide what to do really, but I'm thinking about it already.


Thanks for posting this.
I just signed up. Am not sure about the subject yet.

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