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Friday, 27 February 2009


This is a very good example of what photography can do about the history.

Regards to those heroes. Regards to the photographer.

What a superb idea for a book! Juxtaposing the magnificent photographic portraits against the harsh mug shots illustrates the range of portraiture: from pure documentary to character captured by the skillful use of light and background. Portrait photography at its best is one of the highest arts achieved with the camera.

Posted by: Frank : "This is a very good example of what photography can do about the history."

Can you be more specific about your remark?

This is why we love TOP.

And don't dare to sell it! ;-))


Thanks for the shoutout.

For folks who are interested, there are more pictures, and material I gathered that I didn't have room for in the book, here: breachofpeace.com


Having had the privilege of printing Eric's Breach of Peace show at the High Museum last year, I highly recommend the portraiture work he has assembled for the book. If you can, check out one of Eric's readings/book signings.

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