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Wednesday, 11 February 2009


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Thanks for the plug, Mike. For anyone who's interested in the book, there's a companion blog for it at http://blogfiftygreatestphotos.com.

So I'm guessing the NYC photo-op guide is not by the Amadou Diallo who was infamously killed in 1999.

More amusingly, the Flatiron building (which is what's pictured on the cover, for those who don't know it) is the location of the editorial offices of Tor books, who have published books by my wife and many other friends, plus much of the best of SF and Fantasy. Since we're talking about books.

I see "The 50 Greatest Photo Opportunities in New York City" comes recommended on the cover by some online dude. I wonder if he know anything about photography...?


No need to be modest, Mike—you're among friends.

I read your review of Jim Schley's poetry on Amazon, nice job!

I will order the book today (through your Amazon link) and spend new upcoming vacation in Key West reading some of those poems. Having lived in Vermont for 12 years, living on the grid, I look forward to spending some time with the book.


One of the reasons that I log into your blog every day are the fact that you're a great storyteller and that you talk about things not always related to photography. Wait, that's two reasons . . .


Yes, I'd love to see a short post on the knock-down photo studio.

Does anyone know if there are more guides like '50 Greatest Photo Ops'? Every time I travel, I look for something like this, but to no avail.

More to the point, why aren't WE writing those guides. Having lived in DC for 30 years, visited Cape Cod for almost 50, a PDF book (see Jensen, Brooks) available for download seems quite do-able. You send me yours and I'll send you mine!

Robert Hitchman has a nice series called Photograph America http://www.photographamerica.com/
that I've used for trips on the Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains.

As series editor for the "50 Greatest" guidebooks, I can say that we have a number of cities in the works. NYC and San Francisco are available now and next out will be Washington, DC.

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