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Saturday, 14 February 2009


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Um, I hate to be a fanboy, but...

Olympus has something similar and has had for a while in the form of Wrotniak's site. (And in a slightly lesser measure through biofos.com) Incidentally, UK Olympus Photo Safari Group has recently had an exhibition and a book published through Blurb.

I didn't write this to belittle what Pentax users do and have. I just wanted to add to it. I think that the Annual is a terrific thing, just like the UKPSG book is a terrific thing. While I don't give a flying fig about what other people use, I'm glad that the "lesser" brands' users show their brands are alive and very much kicking...

It would be a very sad world where we'd have only two or three camera manufacturers.

I think you are right there is just something "more fun" about Pentax and the owners than so many other camera companies which seem to take themselves almost too serously. So many of my partners in my medical practice seem to think the marque they own designates them as real photographers. I do chuckle a lot at that belief.

I am hoping that the latest rumor about Pentax will prove the fun to be even more true with suggestion that the K3D will be square format with 22 megapixels and still use the old lenses. (I have a ball experimenting with them.)

Looks like I don't need to send you a press release, then? :-)

I'd like to point out that all our profits from sales of the book are going to the National Childhood Cancer Foundation (www.curesearch.org) In fact, the photographer you quote, Rick Womer, is an oncologist in the Children's Oncology Group, the research organization supported by the NCCF.

Mike, there is a one-time "anniversary" book of Leica M8 photos contributed by Leica User Forum readers and edited and designed by Bill Parons, also available from Blurb. The title is "Many Eyes, One Camera," but early copies are labeled "any Eyes" instead.

The project took shape in a long thread, http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/leica-m8-forum/50441-anniversary-book-no-images-thread-please.html and the links to the Blurb edition can be found there.


Well as long as we're talking about groups publishing books, the Travel Photographers' Network has also published a book through Blurb. The site isn't quite like a user group, although it behaves like one. The project was entirely user driven - created, controlled, and staffed via the forum discussions (which are, surprisingly maybe, at least as civil as things are here). It's not an "annual", more like a collection of the last few years. You can see the book here :


I'm proud to have 3 images in it! :)

A better link to the Blurb page for "Many Eyes, One Camera" edited by Bill Parsons, (M8 photos in the first year that it was in use) is http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/393702 .

The link I gave in my comment above would be a waste of time for most readers, unless you are interested in the trials and tribulations of putting the book together. It sells at cost from Blurb (we didn't think of making any profit, much less using it as a fund-raiser). Over 200 plates, 75 photographers (including me).


The cover shot was by Bong Manayon (more of him here):


He is a pastor.

Here's a link to the Olympus Photo Safari Group's Exhibition Book One... the book was produced to accompany our 200 print Exhibition in Nottingham before Christmas.


Kind Regards


Thanks for mentioning the old Compuserve Photo Forum. I was a member from about 1992 until they were assimilated by the Borg collective (AOL) in the late 90's. I was also a member of the Aviation SIG (AVSIG). Those were two really good sources of information for their respective subjects. I participated in my first online chat in the Photo forum in probably 1993 or so. Those forums were a real cut above what passes for discourse on the internet today and I really do miss them.

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