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Monday, 02 February 2009


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"Somebody should take that man's steroids away from him before he hurts somebody."

Might be harder for him to get his HGH these days...


Due to a social commitment made unwittingly on my behalf by some halfwit (me) I was unable to watch the game live last night. I really had no strong feelings, although I did want to see the Cards finally get a big trophy. (I'd not given them much thought since they left St. Louis for lizard country.)

But unbeknownst to me my wonderful wife recorded the game and I was able to watch it later last night (in original suspense by avoiding any news). A terrific way to watch the normally 4 hour long ad slog in less than 90 minutes. I snacked less, didn't doze, and didn't lose interest due to silly yak and ads. I might just do this every year!

Super bowl schmooper bowl...the Australian Open final was on yesterday...another classic Nadal-Federer match!

But so many players had _big_ _strong_ hands and were so _strong_ and _big_ themselves. How could you not just revel in that commentary.
Go Cowboys!

I have a hard time rooting for a Cardinals team when they're the holders of a stolen title:


They're a cursed franchise, and deservedly so.

Great summary, Mike. That Fitzgerald touchdown in the 4th was one of the most exciting I've ever seen:
the word "YES" exploding from my mouth after he caught it and took those first couple of steps.
I love those runs where a guy sees the daylight and just turns on the jets, pursuers behind him all the way to the end. Makes one feel like you're running with him...
I missed the Harrison interception-runback earlier, (!) but I did see that dirty hit- should have been booted at that point.

I'm with you on pretty much everything, Mike (except the bit about remembering the Steelers from the 70s, what with me being unborn and such). I *really* wanted the Cardinals to win, and got way too excited cheering for a team that's not mine...and way too sad when they lost, too.

As for Jamin's comment, you are SO right. My wife and I we're in constant giggle fits and there were quite a few "that's what SHE said!" shouted out. We also came up with a new drinking game: Each time John Madden says "penetration", you drink. Don't play this game with tequila shots or you won't make it past the 2nd quarter.

I loved that last Cardinal touchdown but remember looking at the clock and thinking they left too much time on the clock. Sadly that was what happened.
Can some one please tell me how a defense can shut an offense down for most of the game and then completely fall apart when there are 2 minutes left in the game and 70 yards to go... (Don't answer...)

Star Sports was showing the game here live. And I caught that interception and hundred yard touchdown run just before the half. It was spectacular. And immediately turned me against the Steelers. (how's that for being for the underdog, I don't even know these teams)

I had to leave for an errand. And came back home, surprised to see the game still on, AND the Cardinals in the lead.

I'm sad to say, I came home just in time to see that touch down pass to Holmes. PHew! Great play (still think Fitzgerald is better) but sad, sad, sad that Cardinals lost.

Yep, the ending to this particular story was very sad - especially as it was the Steelers!
From a UK American Football fan.

Always find it amusing that the citizens of the world's overdog find the underdog so appealing.

And the game was a tossup if one looks at the sports pundits picks at SI. As a matchup it was a game between one of the dominant teams of the season and the hot team of the post season. I never felt that there was a definite underdog. A hot Warner and Fitzgerald match up very well against the Steelers. A football fan, not team partisan, would have been hopeful for shifting fortunes, spectacular plays and a gut wrenching ending (+less errors), unless you were a fan of the loser. Besides, Steelers fans, although the usual level of partisan, do not have quite the air of entitlement, Noblesse Oblige as some partisans, in the humble opinion of a native 'burgher. ;-)

Nature lover

Nature lover,
So your theories are that a) all Americans are overdogs because that's the position of the country in the world, and b) all Americans must therefore root for whichever team is favored in any athletic contest.


Mike J.

Oddly, I was rooting for the Steelers but thought the Cards would win. They might have, too, if the Cards had managed to tackle Harrison (the half would likely have ended), or if the Steelers had managed to tackle Fitzgerald (the Cards could have eaten up most of the remaining clock before they scored a touchdown).

Although it makes me wonder if the David Fleming column John linked to isn't on to something.

Nope, I just wonder who Americans are rooting for on the world stage given their affinity for sports underdogs unless some other association arises, nothing more, nothing less. Anybody root for Argentina against the Brits for example? That dates me.

As to the first theory- yep in some sense this is true, not likely that the country will be overrun with invading hordes and have to defend itself on any but the smallest scale, asymetric issues notwithstanding. b does not necessarily follow at all from a. This in no way implies that our society is, was, can be or should be completely equal-I am not going there now.
Not that any blog comment section is repesentative of anything at all but funny how all the underdog champions appeared here.

By the way I am a fair weather football fan (or any sports- just have little interest as I age), not having consumed a game in years, even when football loving son-in-laws visit. I'd rather be on the 'puter
Nature Lover

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