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Monday, 02 February 2009


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I heard this on the radio yesterday - it was a pleasant surprise when it began, as I was cleaning the kitchen.

It must be strange for Frank to have become so well known by this one creative work in his younger days (The Americans) that he is defined by it even today, even by many in the photographic community, despite the brilliant and arguably more sophisticated work he has been doing since (and maybe that says something?).

Tate Modern ran a retrospective a few years ago which I had the pleasure to see several times and I was stunned and moved by Frank's recent photographic work on personal memory and how one intereacts with, constructs and re-constructs one's own past. The book Storylines through Tate Publishing comes from the show.

It would be a fitting recognition of this great photographer if we could get past "The Americans" and start talking about the rest of his work.

Neat interview...

And if you're still not "Franked out," there is a nice little slide show / essay on Slate at:


I just got the new expanded Looking In "The Americans" from Amazon (and yes, I linked through TOP).
It is AWESOME! Lots of GOOD writing, many contact sheets, a map of his routes, alternate images. So far (one week into it) it has everything that one would hope to know about the book (maybe somewhat like the old Penguin story).
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, (by someone who doesn't do that very often).

If you don't have an hour, last year's Vanity Fair piece on Frank is very good, but be warned that it's in the modern mode of uncomfortable realism and a rather scalding picture of old age.


A great interview. Thanks for that!

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