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Tuesday, 24 February 2009


A month or two ago it was about -12F. I watched a girl walking down the street in a belly shirt (and her sweatshirt didn't quite cover) and jeans with holes in them. If she didn't stop at a starbucks I was going to have the problem making the decision of whether to call 911 or to give Darwinism some run.

You have dozens of vulnerable cheese factories.

Hey that's racist! They could be radical bachelor farmer norwegian lutheran terrorists!

I've been saying it for years, winter gets rid of insects and street gangs. Probably terrorists too.

My in-laws, who live near Brown Deer, recently had a coyote waltz through their back yard. But he did not attempt a break-in.

Now you're missing two-headed lambs, a comet and you'd be ready... :-)

The classic Charleston Geechee accent pronounces "goat" in two syllables: go-it'. There's no unique word for a rude or strange goat, alas.

My mothers family lives in the Poconos. You hear the occasional story of people letting BEARS into their houses 'cause they're so darn cute. Till they want to leave and they get upset, that is.

Ain't life grand here in the great Midwest. And fish'n opener is only 2.5 months away! Happy Fat Tuesday Mike.

A strange goat as opposed to one that she knows?

A cheese shortage as a result of terrorist attacks in Wisconsin could be the final nail in our economic coffin. Nothing to blow up? Have you ever seen a cow explode? Not pretty. Madison's apathy about the potential for mayhem in Wisconsin is a little troubling.

Damn Mike my company sent me to an all day outdoor convention today and my face is so sunburned it isn't funny. The guy from Michigan was diggin' the warm temps. I couldn't go back to all the cold.

You got to watch those goats. Once while working down on the Navaho reservation a goat ate my notes. Seemed to favour the inner glued binding edge of the pages, leaving some tantalizing tatters of the outside edges. Damned goats.

You forgot to mention that the goat ate the chocolate cake that she had just baked. Or was that a different goat home invasion incident? :-)

We live in the middle of the Twin Cities metro area, and over the years my wife and I have seen the following creatures in our yard: deer, pheasant, fox, groundhog, red, black, white, and gray squirrels, 13-lined ground squirrel, chipmunks, raccoons, opossums, mice, shrews, red-tail hawks, cooper's hawks, sharp-shin hawks, a barred owl, lots of different woodpeckers and other birds, and this year a flock of mallards. No goats or cows, though. I have a rather nice photo of the barred owl with a shrew dangling from its beak that I took through my kitchen window, and a not-so-good photo of the red-tail hawk munching on one of the mallards, also taken through one of our windows.

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