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Friday, 19 December 2008


it doesn't matter who took it. the only thing that matter is that a lot of people just don't like it with the side benefit of it being a well known photographer and people are going "what was she thinking".

it still ain't gonna be hanging behind anyone's couch. robert benchly said it all quite succinctly in his monologue about art.

this falls under the all publicity is good publicity catagory. it also proves the old maxim everyone's a critic.

I'll keep it short and sweet, because this topic doesn't need to be talked up.

This is simply NOT a photograph. This is photographic art.

End of discussion.

If that's "art" of any kind, I'm the queen of England. Maybe you mean it's photo-illustration.

Mike J.

What else is absurd about the image? The bra is certainly jarring. But for the "founding of Rome" concept, why is the coliseum in ruins? It's as absurd as all those muscle-man hercules movies with the guys prancing around in temple ruins. At the very least, put a CGI background with the coliseum whole (although it wasn't built yet). It would be conceptually better with a wind-swept emptiness. But the whole point is that it is eye catching absurdity with a dose of sexual intrigue to catch the eye for the one-tenth of a second necessary to register the advertisers product and brand image. Annie gets megabucks to do this but it won't be in her art monograph. And there are far worse examples out there, which don't even have the production quality.

You are right.- It is truly awful.- Has no redeeming value at all. Images like this clog up the culture but it will not last. At some point someone will delete it to make more space on a hard drive and that will be it. -It will have gone.

it's so bad ugly that even Edgar Allen Poe would be challenged for a description. To be really honest, I don't even think I've made such a horror show-- to do something this awful, you must believe you're artistically inclined--and thankgod, I'm not, so i keep to basic stuff. you know, it looks sort of like she went to the library and was reading the original copy of War of the Worlds... it's even worse than a Hollywood B movie. Inspired by Mad Maxx films.

The fur and the babies have got to go. And all in all, the photo is just hideous. Annie, what happened?

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