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Monday, 22 December 2008


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I think it'd be more useful to see what the camera at high ISO with the house lights turned off.

Ha Ha, so the proof of the pudding . . . .

What is it about houses covered with fresh snow?

One of my favorite pictures was, like yours above, a test shot with a new digital camera. It was of my parent's house taken on a White Christmas morning.

Mike, I would like to order one of these prints but frankly the process confuses me. I deal with PayPal only infrequently and then only when my Amex card doesn't work.

I enjoy the images you sold a couple of years ago.



+1 for the D700.


Really like the shot. Mike, you should consider selling more of your off-the-cuff test shots just like this - quick, affordable impulse buys for us T.O.P groupies. I know a good number of us over in the Pentax forums follow you closely and would like to have some Johnston prints like this hanging around.

Jimmie: "I think it'd be more useful to see what the camera at high ISO with the house lights turned off."

Yes, if one just wanted a print of a high ISO image. But it would make a lousy print as far as an appealing photo goes.

Dear Jimmie,

I don't agree. A scene like this with the lights off would be very low in contrast and essentially monochrome. It wouldn't tell you anything about color rendition or exposure range under low-light conditions. For a "qualitative" test, this is a remarkably informative photograph for the savvy viewer.

pax / Ctein

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