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Wednesday, 03 December 2008


Avedon's, "Portraits of Power" for my friends.
Mostly in their 50's. Some photographers, some not (a great choice regardless).


I know someone that will go nuts over the Equus. Perfect!

I just ordered the Obama book (through your link, of course). It's sort of a double present for my wife and I: Obama + photographs should make us *both* happy :-)

Thanks for the suggestion, Mike. I went to Ms Tufankjian's site and browsed through some of her photos. She has a real talent for catching moments, lighting, and unnoticed details, often all within the same photograph. This is Photography I aspire to create.

I noticed that she shoots a D700 + primes. Sounds like our kind of gal, huh? :-)

The cover of the coyote book brought back an old and painful memory. I once had a neighbor who kept a coyote caged and chained in his backyard as a pet. I've never seen an animal that looked more terrified and miserable in my life. It was a sad sight that has stayed with me for more than forty years.

Hot chicks with douchebags..LOL!!!! That website is hilarious.

On Shreve Stockton's making her way from San Francisco to New York when she found her adopted home, she did it on a Vespa, which I think is cool. ch

Earth from Above, Third Edition (Hardcover)
by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Some of his work will be on display in New York City at the World Financial Center Plaza and along the Battery Park City Esplanade from May 1, 2009 to June 28, 2009

Some excellent choices. As someone who has bought O Winston Link books from Amazon, I get recommended the Jim Shaughnessy book every time I browse Amazon.

And yeah, I'll need to buy my next batch of Amazon books through your link.

Hope the holidays and the new year are good to you, and please keep up the good work.

Mike, I do wish you had mentioned what made you choose these. (In one case you say that you "hardly know what to make of" it - puzzles me.) In any case I wonder if you have noticed that the choice you present is pretty US-centric. I have not gone to check the nationality of the photographers involved - their names do read mostly English -, but you label one Americana yourself, one is about a local event, one about an indigenious animal in a remote, very idiosyncratic area.

Yes, I am well aware you are in the States and in this respect this is a US-blog, but a little more of "looking over your plate's edge", as a German expression frames it, would be appreciated. (The Amazon links for one aren't US-only.) The fact that the subject of our common interest makes do without the languages that may separate us, should encourage a little more transcendence I think.

For starters how about these
* Vanessa Winship: Black Sea
View examples http://www.vanessawinship.com/gallery.php?ProjectID=146&groupid=1
* Peter Bialobrzeski: Lost in Transition
Examples http://einestages.spiegel.de/static/authoralbumgallery/989/weltreise_zu_betonwuesten.html
* Photographien 1955-2005 by Thomas Hoepker
who shot several (American!) iconic photos most of you will recognize
* Photography by Karin Székessy, who is not very widly known even in Europe, but look at this
more here http://www.photoscala.de/Artikel/Poesie-des-Traums-%E2%80%9EPhotography%E2%80%9C-von-Karin-Szekessy

All of these are available thru the Amazon Germany link provided by Mike. Some may also show up in your local version.


Oddly enough, you may want to purchase the Hot Chicks with Douchebags for yourself if you collect books. This may wind up being an unintentionally limited edition as the website has been hit with a few lawsuits by those pictured on it. If they go down, this tome may wind up on the auction block at Sotheby’s someday…




Thanks for making our holiday shopping so much easier.

P.S. You sure work quickly!

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