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Tuesday, 30 December 2008


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I second the nomination of Freddie's work on Maiden Voyage. The phrasing is absolutely flawless. Every single note is perfect. The trumpet solo is what really makes the tune into an easy sail on a bright sunny day.

Best Freddie Hubbard line in the NYT obit--

"keep your chops cool and don’t overblow"


I really appreciate your music news. Just one more reason why this is a daily read. Thank you.

It is sad to see that yet another of the great jazz musicians has passed away. I enjoyed a concert with Freddie Hubbard at Molde International Jazz Festival 25 years ago.

On their website there is a funny story about the time Freddie H didn't want to leave Molde after the concert. (Google-translated from Norwegian)

He was the first jazz musician I ever truly appreciated. He played on one of my favorite rock albums of all time (Billy Joel's 52nd St) and I was hooked.

A sad, sad day indeed.

Hubbard's version of "Here's That Rainy Day" on his Straight Life album is one of the most beautiful trumpet solos every recorded.

I'm a Freddie fan but find it ironic that I found out about his passing from a photography blog!

I think I'll put on "Hub-Tones" tonight.

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