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Thursday, 27 November 2008


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And a gobble, gobble and happy holiday to you and Z, Mike!

Happy Thanksgiving, Mike.

I always look to TOP as a place to help brighten my day with intelligent, articulate, and interesting reading and insight. This place is a treasure.

Have a great day everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving to you Mike, thanks for creating a nice stop off for me each day :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I am thankful for the "place" Mike has created for us to gather and think about photography. There is always friendship to be found on TOP.


Happy thaksgiving to you, Mike, from someone who still doesn't celebrate it... We are pretty close, mind you: a lot of restaurants and hotels here in Spain are already offering thaknsgiving dinners and holidays... It may go the course of Halloween, who knows.
Did you check the Tin Eye search web? It finds images in a pretty amazing way... http://tineye.com/login

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