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Monday, 17 November 2008


Here's a question for you. Would a number of hits be more beneficial than one big hit? I'm in the process of upgrading: new Mac, new printer, monitor calibrator, new camera(maybe). Some of this stuff will come from B&H, some from Amazon. So I could do one buy or multiple buys. Does it help you one way or the other?

Either way, same result for me. I get a percentage of whatever you spend when you go to their website from my website. In B&H's case it's 3%. It will be 3% regardless of whether you order everything separately or together.

In Amazon's case the percentage I get goes up based on the number of items ordered, not the number of orders. So again, same result--if you order 10 items all at once or one item on 10 separate occasions, TOP is credited for 10 items sold, either way.

So, whatever's most convenient for you.

Thanks for asking, and thanks for helping--

Mike J.

P.S. I hope I also made it clear that as long as you go to their websites from TOP, we'll be credited for whatever you order on any page you go to. I think I got credit for a baby stroller once, and for clothes, tools, all kinds of things. So it doesn't have to be a photo-related item. That applies even when the link you use from TOP is specific to one item on one particular page.

Mike J.

If there was a way to order online and pick stuff up at B&H or Adorama I'd do that.

They are both in my normal walking around range, most of my purchases are ink and paper, and I never plan ahead enough to not be in a huge hurry.

I replaced my browser's usual Amazon link with the one you provide. I don't know how many readers realize that doing this is an easy way to provide a TOP contribution for ANY Amazon order made using link. It costs the user nothing at all, supports this site, and it's falling-down simple.

Now here's a question...if I find a product on Amazon using the TOP link and post this link to family, an online forum, etc, do you get credit for that sale also?

I assume that it works this way, and have passed along links to acquaintances who might be interested in the same item.

I was just going to ask you about this. I am
going to buy four 3 Stooges DVD collections
and was curious if that would work for your account. Survey says:


William S.,
Yes, I think so--as long as the link contains the phrase "tag=theonlinephot-20" somewhere in the URL, then I believe we will get credit for the sale. I'm not entirely sure that copying the link and sending it to others will work otherwise, though.

And thanks very much for bookmarking the link--that's very kind of you.

Mike J.

Greg Smith,
Soitinly, nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk.

You can go to Amazon from any link on TOP and order anything, and we will get credit for it.

Mike J.

This last week's or ten days' worth of stuff, even by the usual high standards of this site, were just outstanding. Thanks.

Monetary benefit aside, the anonymous Amazon data you get must give you a fascinating insight into our reading habits, photo-printing cycles, musical preferences and even (in the case of US readers) diets. If you were ever planning on writing a novel… :-)

I normally collect a number of items via your link in my wish-list and order once or twice a year these items from that wish-list.

Does that contribute to your credits or not ?

Alas, no, unless you go to Amazon from T.O.P. on the occasion when you make the actual purchase.

Mike J.

hey Mike, the other day I've bought the Whibal Reference card thru your link. I'm glad that you get a benefit (even a very small one) from this purchase.
Now there might be a different reason than benefit that makes you pick-up one seller. Obviously there is a kind of "selection" since there are good choices.
I guess that you wouldn't accept a link from a clothes seller, or a pizza maker. And anyway those anouncers would be crazy to do such a "pollution advertising" in T.O.P. !

So I'm very interrested in knowing how you would describe what influences your choices, if there are choices ?

Do you get a cut on ANY item bought from Amazon when I go in through your link?
The reason I ask is, I've got a Kindle, and buy a LOT of books for it. I usually do my book buying from the web sight, and if you get a bit of that, I'll try to purchase those through your link in the future. I do try to buy photo books though your links, but I don't really buy that many new photo books anymore.

Hi Thor,
Yes, if you link from my site to Amazon's, I get credit for anything you buy on any Amazon page.


Mike J.

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